August 8-15, 2007

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Letters to the Editor

A Gentleman And A Scholar

HAVING BEEN with Wes Anthony from the start, it's my opinion that he is a talented man of vision, character and guts. And to invest everything one has to manifest a dream, the E3 Playhouse, takes vision and guts, and to share it with the community shows his character.

It has been my pleasure to work the door for Wes in what has been one of the classiest joints in town. I would like to thank the patrons, the entertainers, staff and of course Tony for a positive and educational experience. To all our friends, the next E3 will be the Freedom Love Boat, and you will all be welcome. To all the whiners, the salsa and the swing of the Freedom Love Boat would just make you seasick. So go cry to your gatekeepers over your next issue. You deserve each other.

Rey Styles, Santa Cruz

Unfair to Bigfoot

I AM WRITING in reference to the story "Bigfoot Inc." (Cover story, June 27). I must write to object to your publication giving such publicity to Tom Biscardi, a man, in my opinion, who is of dubious intent and little credibility.

In addition to the 2005 incident on Coast to Coast AM described in the article, Biscardi has been involved in a number of questionable ventures that leave his credibility in doubt.

In 2006, Biscardi desecrated a Native American burial site near Paris, Texas, and tried to pass off human remains as a skeletal Bigfoot. Biscardi was later compelled to return the remains in compliance with the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act.

Also in 2006, Biscardi paraded around with a pickled bear paw in a jar and tried to pass it off as Bigfoot's hand. The limb was identified as a bear paw by scientists, including biology professor Alton Higgins.

In my personal opinion, Biscardi is a poor choice of subjects for an in-depth article for any respectable publication. Now that you are aware of Biscardi and what I can only describe as his shenanigans, please do not give this man any more attention. If we ignore him long enough, maybe he'll find something constructive to do with his time. And maybe Stett Holbrook, the article's author, will find someone laudable to write about.

Anthony Hartman, Niagara Falls, N.Y.

Take Pity on Kitty

WEST HOLLYWOOD'S groundbreaking ban on declawing cats, which was upheld by a state appeals court in June, is the first such ban in the U.S., but 21 other countries, including Australia, Germany, and France, have already banned this painful and "unnecessary mutilation," as the British Veterinary Association calls it.

There are many humane and effective ways to prevent cats from damaging furniture short of amputating their toes, such as trimming front claws twice a month, putting double-sided tape on furniture that Kitty tends to scratch, and providing plenty of inexpensive cardboard scratching posts, especially in the areas where cats sleep (cats commonly stretch and scratch when they wake up). 

A fact sheet on declawing and tips on protecting furniture can be viewed at

Daphna Nachminovitch, Norfolk, Va.

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