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Brunching Shuttlecocks

By Michael S. Gant


HUMOR IS IN THE CRAW of the beholder, which is why online satire is so handy. If one piece doesn't evoke guffaws, another shot is just a click away. The Brunching Shuttlecocks--Santa Cruz's L. Fitzgerald Sjöberg and Santa Monica's Dave Neilsen--publish (and archive) a lot of their own storm-the-Zeitgeist zingers, along with posting over-the-cyber-transom submissions. Their Alanis Morissette Random Lyric Generator (fill in the blanks with "One thing you really hate," "Your favorite poet, "The name of an ex" and so on) has already gained a considerable reputation. The Ratings Section grades everything from Party Favors to Aesop's Fables ("The Fox and the Grapes" gets a C-). Junk-movie fans will appreciate the Self-Made Critic's no-nonsense reviews: "The main problem with [Gladiator] is that the lopping-off-of-heads factor (LOOF) is too low."

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From the May 17-24, 2000 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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