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Doggy Dotcom

By Andrea Perkins


THIS IS AN incredibly elaborate site about a deceptively simple subject--the dogs and people who frequent Lighthouse Field in Santa Cruz. I've always suspected that people have dogs in order to meet other people who have dogs, and this site confirms it. Of course, dogs not only break the ice, they inspire grand and often lofty sentiments among people who adore them. This site contains photo directories of dogs, calendars of dog events and parties, local dog-emergency services and photos of dogs playing their favorite games. Especially nice are the Halloween pics of dogs in tutus--apparently the dog costume of choice. The creators of lighthousedogs.com don't exclude any canine enthusiast, and to demonstrate their canine inclusiveness they have translated their name into Spanish and even Ohlone, a touching tribute to the very first residents of the area. For some reason, the site also provides a large selection of high-quality aerial photos of Santa Cruz and its environs.

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From the August 2-9, 2000 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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