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Support Systems

[whitespace] Resources for survivors of sexual assault

On Campus

UCSC Heath Center 459-2211
Medical services for students.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) 459-2628
Completely confidential counseling, same-day crisis services available.

Rape Prevention Education 459-2721
Self-defense classes, advocacy and support. Director Gillian Greensite has 20 years' experience working with rape survivors at UCSC.

Title IX/Sexual Harassment Office 459-2462
Rita Walker
Provides advice and investigates complaints of sexual assault and sexual harassment on campus. In most cases, Title IX will not initiate an investigation without the written consent of a rape survivor. Copies of the Sex Offense Policy and Procedures for Reports of Sexual Harassment can be obtained from the Title IX Office.

University Police 459-2231
911 for emergencies.

UCSC Public Information 459-5226
Available to answer questions about UCSC's Sex Offense Policy.

Off Campus

California law guarantees confidentiality to all certified rape crisis workers who are employed by community rape crisis centers.

Defensa de Mujeres--24 hours 685-3737
Specialized in assisting survivors of domestic violence. Provides in-person and telephone counseling, shelter, and advocacy. Bilingual services available.

Women's Crisis Support--24 hours 429-1478
In-person and telephone counseling, shelter and advocacy. Bilingual services available.

Related Organizations

Commission for the Prevention of Violence Against Women 429-3546
Information about women's safety, free self-defense classes and various support services.

Planned Parenthood 426-5550
Counseling groups and health care.

SART/SANE Program 462-7744
Specially trained nurses give exams. Also provides advocacy to those who choose to report a rape to law enforcement.

Victim Services, Santa Cruz County 454-2010
Information on services and resources.

Women's Health Center 427-3500
Medical services and exams.

Women's Center, Cardiff House, UCSC 459-2072
Classes, events, and programs for students on various women's issues.

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From the November 12-18, 1998 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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