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Boot Up, Stand Up

A protester's online guide to the presidential election

By Andrea Perkins

THE RECENT DEMOCRATIC DEBACLE has stoked coals and roused rabble, many of whom have gone online with their messages. Here are a few sites which offer helpful hints on how to raise that fist. The ambiguous URL offers petitions demanding a new vote in Palm Beach County, Fla. Visitors can also sign petitions telling Bush to hold his horses and begging Gore not to concede. There is also a place to submit or read testimonials by people "who were there" in Palm Beach, plus links to pertinent articles. The site http://geocities.com/countercoup/ lists protest events and allows you to post your own. (There is already one listed at the Santa Cruz Clock Tower.) "Sometimes democracy requires more than voting," the site reminds us.

At www.bjord.org/elections find the "anarchist guide to U.S. election fraud." After a link-besotted tirade, this site provides info on planning an inaugural protest and "redecorating" overpasses in south Florida. Whatever you do, don't miss www.colonize.com/warp/index.html, a brilliant little site that allows you to distort the future president, whoever he may turn out to be. Just drag your mouse across the large head shots of Gore and Bush and watch as they morph into grotesque caricatures of themselves before your very eyes. After an hour of this surprisingly therapeutic exercise, I felt 100 times better.

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From the November 15-22, 2000 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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