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Notes From The Underground

[whitespace] Big Daddy:
Satanica and her legions return for another daring zine effort

PLAYTIME WITH DADDY, Issue 10, is another daring cut-and-paste effort from Satanica and her legions of artistic gloom, William and Lex. They've established the template on how to craft sinister art. The front cover is more erotic than any X-rated D&D Fiend Master Folio. Make it a point to rip out this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit centerfold and replace it with the Betty Page/demon picture here. Plus the keen illustration of a devil doll commenting on the joys of a certain reasonably priced soda is like an early Christmas.

The graphic poems are hit and miss--but when they make contact, it's death by knockout. William's poem "Taking It," which describes how the world takes a piece of your individuality each day, features some drop-dead lines: "Everyday you rise like some half-assed phoenix, only to be murdered again."

Satanica's "Where Is Truth? What Is Real" and "Hollow" are glittering prizes that would have made Sylvia Plath turn off the oven and plead for an autograph. The story about an idiot who lost part of his anatomy while romancing the vacuum cleaner--followed by an article stating that sodomy is still illegal in some states--is a hoot. It leads Satanica to the important question: Is it against the law to be sodomized by a vacuum cleaner? I'm sensing a brand-new Dirt Devil campaign next year. For zine info, write: Satanica, 2566 Parker St., Santa Cruz 95065.

Live Demo

What kind of pact did the members of the trio Live Wire (whose ages range from 13 to 15) sign to become so musically proficient? Are they secretly applying the Dick Clark anti-aging ointment to hide the fact that they are really 200-year-old rock cretins dating back to the first Deep Purple sessions?

On its demo, Live at the Subdud House, Live Wire reminds me of fellow headbanging punks Diversion except with slower, bluesy intricacies. Marc serves up some cruel guitar leads, especially on the grooving instrumental "Mad Marvin." The "thump, thump, thap" fadeout reminded me of "Shout at the Devil"--but in a good way. The tempo-tipsy, lyrical phrasing on "Twinge" brings to mind Suicidal's first album, with adept drum work courtesy of Andrew. "Dark Shadows" is punk rock with a creative spin that's sweeter than being home schooled by Darby Crash.

Listening to this tape after the newly regulated 6pm teen curfew, I felt obligated to call Live Wire's parents and scream, "The kids are all right!!!" For info, write Live Wire, P.O. Box 745, Soquel 95073 or email [email protected].


The Damones are masters of the tired rock gimmick, not Dojo, as reported in last week's column. Dojo is very entertaining and wore some really creepy masks at the last Moe's Alley show.


Herbert, Insolence, Lica STO and Time play at the Catalyst on Thursday (Nov. 19). Also on Thursday, the Cadillac Angels and the Chop Tops play the Aptos Club. On Friday, Link 80 and Punch the Clown play the SC Vets Hall, while Dilligaf, Woodpecker and Buster amp up at Skinny's.
Matt Koumaras

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From the November 19-24, 1998 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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