March 14-21, 2007

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Letters to the Editor


PETER BYRNE's story on Dianne Feinstein's "conflicts of interest" was truly eye-opening! Now I see that Machiavelli's political writings have been incorporated into business as usual by representatives of both parties, not just the "evil Republicans." Thank you, Peter, for helping me to get wise about how the game is played today in Washington! Your story was extremely valuable!!!!

Carla Normand, Petaluma


RICHARD VON BUSACK has seen a lot more films than I have, so I often don't follow his allusions--but I do know that many movies are a waste of time, and I can't think of a single instance over the years that he's steered me toward such a one. I find his columns to be insightful and entertaining. Just because RvB's smart doesn't mean he shouldn't be allowed to write movie reviews. In fact, it's probably a good thing!

Larry Peterson, Santa Cruz


THE article on Minorsan's women's self-defense classes was excellent (News&Views, "Giving Back," March 7).

Self-defense is not violence. Women have the right to use physical force to protect themselves. Women are the most numerous group of oppressed humans on the planet. Men oppressed women nonstop for 5,000 years--longer than any other oppressed group (The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler).

Male violence against women must be named specifically to end it. To maintain the global patriarchal rape culture, "Women's agony at the hands of men must never be revealed. If women steadfastly and courageously began to tell the truth and would not stop, would not be co-opted, would not become afraid, the truth of our enslavement would be undeniable and the jig would be up"--from Telling the Truth by Sonia Johnson.

Lorne Coleman, founder and director of ESCAPE Women's Self-Defense & Empowerment Programs, said, "Our rape culture's message to women is 'all space at all times belongs to men' and that "men hope to make you believe that you can keep male violence at bay with a dead bolt."--from "Truth and Lies about Women's Self Defense" at

Just as all whites are responsible for ending racism, including nonracist whites, all men are responsible for stopping male violence against women. Violent men must stop assaulting women. Nonviolent men must not allow male violence to continue. Their inaction is passive male violence against women. Silence is complicity. Men's Resources: (Men Against Sexual Violence) (Men Against Sexual Assault) (Men United Against Sexual Assault) (Men Against Violence Webring).

Elaine and Ed, Santa Cruz

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