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may 17-23, 2006

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Letters to the Editor

Kicking at The Pricks

JUST read "Joe Wilson's America" (Metro Santa Cruz, News & Views, April 19) by Bill Forman. It is good to finally see some journalism now that dares to hit these imperial pricks between the eyes.

Leon J. Frank, Santa Clara

Birch Society minutemen

I NOTICE the John Birch Society has concentrated their entire focus on their nationwide campaign to secure our borders and oppose ANY open borders legislation in congress, such as amnesty or "guest worker" bills, being promoted by the anti-American leaders we have been cursed with in the White House and congress. The Birch Society, I also notice, is working with the Minuteman volunteers, now protecting our borders, and through educational efforts is putting public pressure on congress to stop this scandalous open borders sell-out of our Republic by our own leaders who are obviously front men for their New World Order Globalist bosses. Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-Colorado), a hero of the movement to secure our borders (and incidentally no longer welcome by the subversive White House crowd for obvious reasons) has warned that over 51 Mideast terrorist suspects have been arrested crossing our southern borders which I feel indicates the greater clear and present danger. I wish to absolutely urge ALL concerned citizens to go to the John Birch Society website at www. (or call: 800-JBS-USA-1 for free petition) and sign, download, or circulate the "Petition to Members of Congress" to secure our borders--Time is short!

Ed Nemechek, Landers

History Repeating

IS THE Iraqi debacle another Vietnam War? Certainly there are parallels, particularly with the lack of candor and ineptness by both the Johnson and Bush administrations. Furthermore, the Bush administration was and continues to be oblivious to the true nature of the Iraqi people, just as was Johnson to the Vietnamese. And neither conflict has gone as well as the American public was told. Nevertheless, a more careful look at history and our current situation should lead us to understand that Iraq is not a repeat of Vietnam. Go back a bit further in history; Iraq is a repeat of the Philippines.

Consider the key issue: when American forces entered the Philippines, we swept away their existing government, just as in Iraq. Unlike Vietnam where there was government in the South (and the North) continuously before, during and after our involvement. Our objective in Vietnam was to enable an unelected government to resist the will of its people (and to stop the spread of Communism). In Iraq we ended up in control as the result of winning our war against Saddam. And in Iraq, as in the Philippines, our objective must now be to create a government for and by Iraqis.

However unpleasant we might find the prospect of long-term nation building, the American public must remember we have done this before. Bush is right when he asserts that failure is not an option. Failure to follow through now will lead to chaos in Iraq and most of the rest of the Middle East. It took more than forty years of American commitment, blood and treasure to help our Philippine cousins build a proud democracy. And, painful as that prospect might be, we cannot do less in Iraq.

Creigh Shank, North Little Rock, Ark.

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