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June 21-28, 2006

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Letters to the Editor

Nüz Did What?

I FOUND YOUR Nüz column on June 14 ("Chris Did What?") interesting, to say the least. You seem to know more about what I have done and intend to do than I do. Much of what you said is not true, but it is great gossip.

What a couple of newspapers we have here in Santa Cruz! First, the Sentinel misquotes me, saying I "fabricated" a statement when I actually said we "paraphrased" it. (I have talked to the Sentinel about this and they contend the words mean the same thing!) Then, you pick up the Sentinel misquote and fabricate your own story about it. And you even go further by rolling in some things I was not aware that I did or intend to do. I'll have to admit: You do gossip well.

I don't know how important the truth is to you, but if you care, I have what may sound like a radical suggestion for you: Next time you write a story about Bill Malone, give me a call. I know him well; I can help your story get closer to what he actually did and intends to do.

Another suggestion, regarding your source for some of the statements in this story--take him off your "truthful, reliable source" list--move him to your "dubious, great gossip" list. Since you didn't bother to call me to check what in your story was true, false or an exaggeration, I won't to bother to tell you. Oh, and one last suggestion. Something I have heard over the years: Don't believe everything you read in the newspapers. That maxim definitely applies here in Santa Cruz.

Bill Malone, Santa Cruz

Bill Malone was campaign manager for Chris Krohn in his run for District 3 county supervisor.

Cynical and Proud of It

BASED ON recent letters to your publication, it would seem I am in the minority when I say I quite enjoyed Richard von Busack's review of The Da Vinci Code, although this fact may serve only to prove Michael Cotter's point (Letters, June 7), for I am, indeed, cynical, pretentious, and college educated. I will note, however, that both my obsession with Bugs Bunny and Warner Bros. cartoons and my fondness for the writings of Robert Anton Wilson predate my entry into the world of academia, and also that I studied the sciences, and not art history. Regardless, while I enjoyed the review and obtained from it useful information regarding the quality of the film, I understand others may have found RvB's style obtuse. In the interests of peace, I propose the following compromise: your established reviewers continue to write their pretentious reviews for us pretentious snobs; meanwhile, you hire me to condense each movie review to a single, statistically derived quantity that you print in a single line at the beginning of each review that will, ultimately, provide all the information anyone ever needs in order to determine whether they will enjoy a given film or not. After much research, I have already identified the measure I will use, namely expected calorie intake per hour per audience member. After all, who doesn't get the munchies about halfway through The Big Lebowski?

Gary Hoffmann, Santa Cruz

Writing Under the Influence

THANK YOU FOR TEACHING me a lesson. Unfortunately it is a lesson I have learned many times before, in different ways, but it's basically the same lesson. This one being, never get drunk and write a letter to the editor of Metro Santa Cruz, cuz the damn thing is probably going to be printed.

Secondly, I would like to apologize to Mr. von Busack. I did not intentionally set out to write such a mean-spirited letter to anyone in general with his name at the forefront. I am not sure what my original intentions were, but suffice it to say, that was not it. I am sorry. Truth be told, the movie section is the first thing I turn to after I read DeCinzo. And I usually do get something out of Mr. von Busack's reviews that stick with me when I view the movie. Anyway, thanks for the lesson, and sorry for the meanness.

Michael Cotter, Soquel

Fuel of Life

THANKS for the great June 7 article in Nüz ("Fill 'Er Up") about the biodiesel pump opening in Santa Cruz. A lot of people read it and showed up to fill their tank. However, Pacific Biofuel did provide Metro Santa Cruz with one inaccurate piece of info: New Leaf did not provide the food. Staff of Life did, and they did a wonderful job. Many thanks to Mary, Roger, Richard and the rest of Staff of Life's awesome staff.

Ray Newkirk, president & co-founder, Pacific Biofuel Inc.

In last week's recycling cover story, we listed an old address for Dave's Computers. The company is actually located at 181 Walnut Ave., Santa Cruz.

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