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August 2-9, 2006

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Letters to the Editor


WHO'D-A-THUNK that Santa Cruz missed the return of the Summer-of-Love ("The New Santa Cruz Sound," Cover Story, Aug. 2). It must be the psychotropic time-warp we've lived in for the past 45 years. It never ended!

Coleman Raby, Cupertino


PLEASE CONTINUE to publish articles concerning KPIG ("Hog Hell," Nüz, Aug. 2), as listeners worldwide are very upset regarding the latest developments at this "formerly awesome" radio station.

Will Mapleton salvage/slaughter The Pig???

Crystal Shields, Cupertino


THANKS, Geoffrey Dunn, for your article ("Doc of the Bay," Arts, Aug. 2) on Doc Ricketts, as he was truly ahead of his time. His profound influence on the writings of John Steinbeck is unquestioned, and the information provided illuminated some fascinating information on one of the early alchemist-mystics-scientists of the greater Monterey Bay. Keep the information coming as history is art in your hands--great job.

Carl Olin, Capitola


I WAS READING This Modern World the other day and I just had to write and ask you folks if you wouldn't mind leaning a little further to the left. I wouldn't want your advertisers to waste their budgets on the one or two conservatives left in Santa Cruz County, and I certainly wouldn't want you to risk being perceived as an objective news-reporting publication. I mean, that went out of style ages ago, didn't it? Or was it about the time George W. Bush took office?

Incidentally, that's satire, which is defined as wit, irony or sarcasm used to expose and discredit vice or folly; not to be confused with far left rants by a cartoon penguin. Just to show I'm fair, I've given you a chance to prove me wrong; print the letter.

Steve Tobak, Scotts Valley


THANK YOU for your article "Sleepless in Santa Cruz" (Cover Story, July 26). I have also had problems sleeping for many years and have been to Stanford's Sleep Clinic. A very important element to decreasing stress and improving sleep is being overlooked or ignored by most physicians, alternative health providers and laypersons alike. This is the reduction of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) exposure, including microwave frequencies from cell phones and cell towers. I have found that reducing EMF exposure from household appliances, electronics, cell phones, cell towers, and what is called "dirty electricity" that is carried on wiring makes me feel calmer, thereby reducing stress. EMFs also deplete the sleep hormone melatonin. In my opinion, providers should be evaluating EMF exposure as a first step to overcoming sleep disorders.

Beverly Filip, Santa Cruz


WHILE I AGREE with DeCinzo (Aug. 2, print edition) about our legendary "Santa Cruz service"--probably the quotes should be only around "service"--I'm not certain that the specific place he targeted is deserving of his barb. I never had a problem there.

But what about the local garden store where the cashiers are too busy talking about their hair or their lunch break to take a customer's money and must be prompted with "You're welcome" in order to mumble "Thank you"?

Or the coffee store where the personnel are too preoccupied with looking cool in their black T-shirts and yakking with their pals in queue to deign to ring your purchase? Or the natural foods store where the customer is expected to know more about the products and pricing of the goods than the staff? Demonstrate some interest in being good at your job before asking for my vote to raise your wages.

While the topic is on the table (or counter), so to speak, how about a "Goldie" for best local service in a retail setting? May I nominate Riverside Electric and San Lorenzo Lumber (hardware and building materials store) right now? What a pleasure to shop where the personnel seem genuinely interested in helping the customer!

Jane Walton, Santa Cruz

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