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September 13-20, 2006

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Letters to the Editor

In from the fringe

THE SEPT. 6 COVER and article on examining the Cheney and Co. role in creating 9/11 ("Unquestioned Answers") were the best show of courage and clarity that I have seen from Metro Santa Cruz in years, and offered vital information to share, and to inspire genuine curiosity and public debate. The long article on Black 47 and the firefighters of NY was a nice match.

A working class redneck cowboy in a tiny mountain town in Arizona brought up this very same incendiary and horrifying likelihood, early one morning this summer in his favorite breakfast diner. This guy flies two full-size American and Arizona flags from a huge frame on the bed of his monster pickup, chainsmokes cigarettes, and cares about his country. He told me and everyone seated there, earnestly and almost reluctantly, "Cheney was behind 9/11, you know." As your article says, this is not a fringe possibility anymore.

Thank you for the prominence, boldness and simplicity of this article. I have seen folks all over town reading it today, and discussing it!!

Kelsey Ramage, Santa Cruz

Voice from the wilderness

THANK YOU FOR THE EXCELLENT article on 9/11, "It's not just conspiracy theorists who want answers to 9/11." As a 9/11 Truth Activist I would like to take a moment to point out an error in the article. Over three years ago there was another author who did get his book published about the evidence that 9/11 was an inside job. His name is Michael Ruppert and his book is Crossing the Rubicon, the decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil. The book clearly lays out the evidence of criminal elements inside the U.S. government facilitating the attack of 9/11. Mr. Ruppert was a former homicide detective for the Los Angeles Police Department.

I would also like to point out to your readers that there are other well researched documentaries on various aspects of 9/11, like Dr. Stephen Jones' analysis on the collapse of World Trade Center buildings No. 1, No. 2 and No. 7, giving evidence of controlled demolitions as the real cause of their collapses. Building No. 7 was not hit by a plane but collapsed mysteriously in less than 8 seconds. One can Google 9/11 Scholars for Truth to find further information and resources on the real hard evidence on 9/11 and get a better understanding of what really happened and why.

Drew Lewis, Santa Cruz

Peripheral viewpoint

MR. DECINZO'S CARTOON (print edition of Metro Santa Cruz only) shows a biker being injured because he wasn't wearing a helmet. The argument, as I understand it, is that a "helmet will save your life." But, they don't prevent accidents or keep you out of the hospital! In fact, it makes more sense that the cartoon biker should be shown wearing a helmet, since he's in the hospital and not the morgue. Personally, I believe "Let those who ride decide." I could never stand the loss of hearing and peripheral vision, and the heat on my head from helmets, so I mostly gave up riding when the helmet law passed. It's my experience that you need all your senses sharp to avoid accidents. So, I think of Richard Quigley as a kind of hero for fighting the helmet law; and I think it's pretty insensitive to draw a cartoon biker to look like Rich in the hospital (considering his terminal disease). By the way, most bikers have insurance and some are members of clubs who look out for fellow members, but assuming bikers are tax-paying citizens, haven't already paid our way if we should get laid up in the hospital?? All the same, I support free speech and I'm sure I'll continue to look for DeCinzo's cartoons, first thing when I pick up Metro Santa Cruz.

Robert Thompson, Santa Cruz

Embracing diversity

I 'VOTE' TO KEEP DeCinzo on the front pages. He's the most diverse thing about this whole publication!

On the other hand, the stale, boring and myopic Modern Word should be relegated to the back pages, or perhaps thrown out completely.

Gee, let's bash Republicans week after week; how original is that? How diverse is that?

Hail DeCinzo!!

Dennis Fish, Santa Cruz

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