November 15-22, 2006

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Letters to the Editor


THANK YOU FOR FEATURING the interviews with the "guys who are running against Arnold" ("Let's Pretend Its An Election," Cover Story, Nov. 1), specifically for including Camejo. After he was denied a spot in the debates, and pretty much invisible from all other media coverage of the election, you deserve commendation for the recognition of an alternate choice. I'm with Peter: no more votes for the parties destroying the planet. Let's hope more people make that pledge, starting today.

Robert Ellis, Capitola


MR. MACCLELLAND is incorrect in crediting Diane Machado-Wyant with the cor anglais solo in the Rodrigo Guitar Concerto ("Act of Sedation," Nov. 8). Ms. Wyant was unavailable for this performance and the part was performed by Angela Burtz. Please issue a correction and apology to Ms. Burtz.

The Personnel Manager of the Santa Cruz County Symphony is happy to provide an orchestra roster on request to journalists who wish to ensure the accuracy of their articles.

Norman Peck, Personnel Manager, Santa Cruz County Symphony


JOIN ME in an effort to stop local businesses from using polystyrene (Styrofoam) containers. Santa Cruz Recycling cannot recycle these, and they are non-biodegradable. Many end up in the ocean, where wildlife accidentally ingest them and die. As a petroleum-based product, polystyrene also contributes to global warming and the United States' dependence on foreign oil. Santa Cruz City ordinance 90-13, Chapter 6.48, Environmentally Acceptable Packaging Material, asks city businesses to comply voluntarily and not use polystyrene. Santa Monica has made such compliance mandatory. The following Santa Cruz businesses use polystyrene: Aqua Bleu, Chocolat, Jamba Juice, Ledyard's (a major food-service supplier selling polystyrene to local restaurants and other food purveyors), Masako, Orchid Thai, Sabieng Thai, Vasili's, Yogurt Delight. I urge environmentally concerned citizens to urge these restaurants and businesses to stop polystyrene use or suffer the loss of their patronizing. Let's go green, Santa Cruz!

Sonya Newlyn, Santa Cruz


AN OPEN LETTER to an off-leash dog owner: I love dogs. You love dogs. I have a dog. You have a dog (maybe even two or three). I walk my dog on a leash. You let your dog run free. My dog is not dog-social. Yours loves to sniff dog butts. Here's where we have a problem. My dog does not get along with her fellow canines. It's one of the reasons I keep her on the leash. Leash laws are another reason. Her safety in traffic is another. I'm sure you have your reasons for letting your dog roam sans leash, but may I suggest that there are special places to do this, like dog parks or dog-legal beaches. Those are places I don't take my dog. So when I am walking down the street with my dog on a leash, and your dog is off the leash and comes toward us, and I ask you to please contain your dog, don't just laugh it off and say, "Oh, it's OK, my dog is friendly!" Because mine is NOT. The other day I walked in our neighborhood with my dog on a leash and my 12-week-old daughter in her stroller. Your Rottweiler came running at us, and I yelled for you to get your dog ... several times. You were not able to contain your dog before she came into fighting range of mine, and chaos ensued, all within a foot's radius of my infant daughter. When you finally regained control of your dog, you sneered, "She [the dog] just wanted to play. Freaking out didn't help." Excuse me, but I think I am well within my rights to "freak out" when the safety of my daughter and my dog are concerned. And if one of them had gotten injured as a result of your careless and selfish behavior, you might just be "freaking out" yourself over a lawsuit right now. Thank you for listening, and enjoy your next walk--responsibly.

Nora Distefano, Santa Cruz

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