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Notes From The Underground

[whitespace] 'Creed' Hail to the Kings: The Lonely Kings' 'Creed' is right-on with circuslike bass works and grinding vocals.

Creed Kills:
Lonely Kings release 'Creed,' and could the end be near for Berkeley's Gilman?

MORE EERIE THAN Judge Mills Lane kicking in your front door screaming "Let's Get It On," the Lonely Kings' Creed CD will give you the creeps because it's so musically "right-on." "True Grit" is the leader of the pack. If Jake's churning "yeah, yeah, yeah" croons and Uzi-guitar work don't stick to you like a Nerf football bathed in honey, then what will? There's circuslike bass work from Jesse, too. The intricate guitar breakdown followed up by Jason's heavy toms launches "True Grit" into the sublime. "California" is inhabited by more illegal hooks than a gang of pirates at an arm-wrestling convention. Neat meat-grinding backing vocals, too.

"Believe in Yourself" is quality tuneage about how even if the world chops you in half, you alone have the power to pick up the pieces. Again, crafty bass work from Jesse.

The last track, "The Scene," made me wonder: Is there actually a scene in Santa Cruz or a bunch of cliques devoted to raiding the dresser drawers of their formerly cool siblings? (You can't find these Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam parachute pants I'm wearing at the Bargain Barn, kid) I haven't felt this alive since I sucked down a pint of expired cottage cheese and swam in the deep end.

For a copy or info, write: King Me! Scene 8 Records, 210 Haley Lane, Watsonville 95076.

Behind Closed Doors

Gilman, Berkeley's nonprofit punk venue, is shutting its doors for good. Well, not just yet, but it soon could be that way. An electronics manufacturer down the block has started a crusade to close Gilman because punk is, as the clandestine pact we signed says, the devil's music. City officials are even trying to persuade other area businesses into voting against Gilman. Police recently staked out the club and videotaped an entire show--I don't think there's really a market for Children McNuggets live bootlegs.

Gilman's been "doing it for the kids and not to the kids" for years, helping a virtual "who's who" in punk rockdom: from Crimpshrine and Operation Ivy to Santa Cruz bands like Good Riddance and Fury 66. Some say Gilman's changed (i.e. the jock factor), but it's still vital because it provides all-ages shows in a drug-free, radio-free rock environment, and if my memory serves me correctly, you can still bring your pet pooch to a hardcore show.

The Berkeley Zoning Committee will meet to discuss the possibility of revoking Gilman's entertainment permit at the end of January. The last time a meeting was held to stop Gilman, an open hearing took place that worked in Gilman's favor. It's not a public forum this time around, so there's no way to put a voice to all the different faces who support the club. Gilman needs signatures in favor of the club, and you don't need to live in Berkeley to sign. More info and the web petition can be found at the Gilman website.


On Thursday, Nebula, Natas (name brought to you by dyslexic pagans) and Gammera pillage the Aptos Club. On Friday, a Food Not Bombs benefit with the Lonely Kings, Ibopa, Great Divide, Craig's Brother, Meat Pizza Sandwich and more will be at a hush-hush venue on the Westside ($3), while Peggy Hills, Sweet Nothing and Four Wheel Jet play Skinny McDoogle's. On Monday at the Pizza Junxion, the Low Down does the KZSC simulcast action (8pm). On Jan. 31, Concussion hosts a benefit at Moe's Alley with Spaceboy, Unida, Lost Cause and Dojo (8pm sharp).
Matt Koumaras

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From the January 21-27, 1999 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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