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The Goldies

Santa Cruz Surf Spots
Robert Scheer

Metro Santa Cruz's 1997 Tribute to the
Best People and Places in the County

Ahh, human nature. Surrounded by sparkling ocean, majestic redwoods and weather that allows us to wear shorts and flip-flops while the rest of the country is freezing its butt off, we Santa Cruzans will still find something to kvetch about. The mall rats, the City Council, Robert Norse, Robert Norse and Robert Norse--well, you get the point.

But not today. Nope, with one giant community rip, we have torn a page out of Norman Vincent Peale and aimed our magnifying glass on all that is good--actually, all that is best--in this little piece of paradise.

The Metro Gold Awards--we like to think of them as "The Goldies"--are your way (through your overwhelming response to our reader's survey) and our way (through our editorial staff's personal choices) of applauding the unique people, places and experiences that typify our region.

What fills the following pages are this year's top businesses, bands, restaurants, clubs, personalities and natural attractions as gleaned from over 600 surveys submitted by readers. Competition was stiff in a county so diverse, so packed with terrific destinations. So all of our Goldie winners can consider themselves, well, solid gold, Santa Cruz­style.

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Music and Nightlife
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From the March 27-April 2, 1997 issue of Metro Santa Cruz

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