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July 12-19, 2006

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Letters to the Editor

Complicated Experience

I AM GREATLY honored by your article ("Open House," Cover Story, June 28) on our project! It was very well written. I appreciate the clear reading of this complicated experience. Thank you very much!

I wanted to note that the photo attribution on the online version of the article is inaccurate. Richard Caceres took the b/w photos, but I took the photo of my housemates Libby Hendon and Julia Fredenburg running through our bubble. The remaining two color photos were taken by unidentified gallery visitors as part of our Auto-Documentation process and might be credited to The Open House if at all. Thanks again, and have a wonderful week!

Jamie Burkart, Santa Cruz

Unchecked Cruelty

IT'S POSSIBLE, if not probable, that Mr. DeCinzo's savage cartooning of Ms. Denton might have contributed to her demise. His sense of parody borders on unchecked cruelty. Metro Santa Cruz might reconsider the virtue of some of his viewpoints.

Kathy Cheer, Santa Cruz

Wish He Was National

I HOPE YOU guys at Metro Santa Cruz haven't buckled under the pressure of the PC-police in this town. I've noticed that over the last month and a half, DeCinzo's cartoons have gotten a lot tamer. He had a brief run a few months back, which I found wildly hilarious, of sticking it to the status quo in this town. Something I think needs to happen more here.

I hope you haven't pussy-whipped the edge out of the guy! Frankly, DeCinzo, in my mind, is too talented to be working at the local level. Every week I open your publication, and it's mostly just to see DeCinzo's latest work. I only wish he was national.

Eitan Altshuler, Santa Cruz

A Proud Democrat

I THOUGHT EVERYONE discounted the Sentinel's pre-election open season on Democrats, so I was disappointed to see Metro Santa Cruz regurgitate the story of the District 3 race using the Sentinel's inflammatory language ("Chris Did What?," Nüz, June 14). As a longtime member of the county's environmental community and a proud Democrat, I've had the pleasure to work with Neal Coonerty, Chris Krohn, Bill Malone, Bruce Van Allen, their campaign staff and many of their volunteers. We owe our quality of life to these people who have the courage to step into the public arena, almost always as volunteers. Let's take the target off everyone's back.

Barbara Graves, Capitola

Red Handed

WHY WAS Denise Denton portrayed as having whiskers and an Adam's apple (DeCinzo, print version, April 12)? Was this making fun of her for being a lesbian or a masculine woman. I would expect this kind of gay bashing from the Christian Coalition. What did Chancellor Denton's looks or sexuality have to do with debates over campus finance? Nothing. You were making fun of her because she was a lesbian. That is disgusting. Go wash your hands. There is something red on them. Shame. Santa Cruz's liberal reputation is a joke; it doesn't extend to sexual minorities. UCSC is riddled with homophobia.

Kimberly Clark, Santa Cruz

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