November 1-8, 2006

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Letters to the Editor


THANK YOU FOR INTERVIEWING local music promoters ("Book "Em: Five Veteran Santa Cruz Promoters Sit Down for a Candid Round-Table Interrogation," Cover Story, Oct. 18). I trekked to Felton recently for another of Tom Miller's fine offerings at Don Quixote's, an Ian Tyson/Mike Beck concert. And Gary Tighe motivated me to drive around the bay on Oct. 21 to catch Montreal's Frank Marino at the Catalyst, a show ending with a rendition of "Amazing Grace" that could fill many churches.

You quoted Tom Miller about Neil Young and the Ducks playing Santa Cruz, which brought fond memories of 1977. Before moving to Monterey, I lived in Santa Cruz 1976-81, and that summer I waitressed at the now-defunct Inn Ambrosia. Neil identified me as a Joni Mitchell look-alike and became a considerate patron of our restaurant, which served amazing vegetarian fare. In those days, a slow restaurant night might mean only $2 to $6 in server tips, and the Ducks' Catalyst gigs had a $2.50 cover. But Neil made sure we could enjoy the music, as he graciously put our staff on his Cat guest lists.

Yup, those were great days for local music. Nonetheless, thanks to the promoters you highlighted, great music continues. Thank you for recognizing these professionals, who bring more joy to life on the Central Coast.

Mari Lynch, Monterey,


THANKS METRO SANTA CRUZ for sharing your very informative interview with Santa Cruz County's live music promotors!

The article felt similar to opening a time capsule in my mind that enabled many musical experiences. Will the entire unedited version become available in the archives?


Roy Jordan, Pebble Beach


ZOMBIE PUBLIC LOVE Zombie Critic (Film Caps, print edition, Oct. 18)! Zombie public think Metro Santa Cruz need make Zombie Critic chief movie talker abouter guy. Zombie public much prefer Zombie Critic to Richard Von Busack. Richard Von Busack have small brain, like Raisinette. Mmmmm. Tasty, delicious Raisinette Von Busack brain.

Third Zombie From Left, Santa Cruz


I AM IRATE! I am a strong proponent of Measure G--it will raise the local minimum wage, giving those whose wages are below the poverty level a better chance to survive in our local area. I also believe in fair play--but I have my doubts about the anti-Measure G campaigners' integrity. I have had four (4) pro-Measure G campaign signs stolen from my front lawn in the last month. It's wrong, folks. It seems to me the No signs are all in front of businesses and very expensive houses. These people appear to be doing quite well but they don't seem to want to share a little of their wealth that in great part has been realized from the efforts of their employees. That's their choice. (An impartial study commissioned by the City concluded that the wage raise would cause minimal negative impact on local businesses.) Let's at least run a fair campaign and let the people decide on the outcome.

Susan Martinez, Santa Cruz

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