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Cover Guide I'VE LIVED IN SANTA CRUZ LONG ENOUGH TO REMEMBER WHEN Democrats favored impeachment, Republicans believed in executive privilege and UCSC students lived in trailers. And yet, every once and a while I stumble across a neighborhood, a landmark, a business that I never knew existed. Even constrained by some natural borders, Santa Cruz continues to grow--in size, in traffic and in interest. After all, if this weren't such a fascinating place, 3/2 fixer-uppers with a peek of the ocean wouldn't be selling for $400,000.

For this year's Guide, we've asked our Metro Santa Cruz experts to share their years of accumulated local lore and knowledge. Bruce Bratton, who is as close to an official griot as Santa Cruz can boast, starts off with some thoughts about where we've been and where we're going. Our crack team of insiders follow with the kind of tips that can't be found at even the best tourist kiosks. To make the experience complete, we've added the last and most accurate three-month calendar of the 20th century. Of course, no guide to a place as rich and weird as Santa Cruz County could be complete, so we hope you'll share your own tips with us on our letters page.

--Michael S. Gant


Bruce Bratton's Santa Cruz: Secrets and History
How to Catch a Wave: Surfing in Santa Cruz
How to Stay Rooted: Cultural Heritage Organizations
Where to Dine Round Midnight: Late-night Eats
How to Get the Point: Piercing Parlors
How to Get Nekkid: Nudist Colonies, Topless Beaches and Spas
How to Know It All Ahead of Time: Psychics and Fortunetellers
Where to Get Funky on the Westside: The Almar/Mission Miracle
Where to Get It All on One Block: Soquel and Branciforte's Bounty
How to Geek Out: Comic-book stores
Where the Brownies Are: Finding the Chocolate Fix
How to Get a Buzz Roasted on the Spot: Cafes That Do It Themselves
How to Get a Gig: What Every Band Needs to Know
How to Kick Ass: Martial Arts Classes in Santa Cruz
What, When and Where: A Three-month Calendar of Concerts, Plays and Events


Words: Bruce Bratton, Janet Blaser, Traci Hukill, Matt Koumaras, Kelly Luker, Ami Chen Mills, Morgan Pershing, Rob Pratt, Mary Spicuzza, John Yewell and Christina Waters

Design and Production: Marty Stevens and Shannon Stillman

Images: George Sakkestad

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From the September 22-29, 1999 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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