.Amy Coombs

March 16, 2016

From The Editor

Plus Letters To the Editor One of the complaints I hear most often from locals about Santa Cruz County is that...
July 10, 2013

From DNA to Drug Treatment

UC Santa Cruz research explores the genetic basis for cancer It took more than 10 years for researchers at UC Santa Cruz to compile...
May 21, 2013

Growing Berries Without Bromide

Researchers test a new alternative to a controversial chemical The scarecrows perched in Santa Cruz strawberry fields do little to scare away the birds,...
February 12, 2013

Why Don’t Women Propose?

Despite changing gender roles, one tradition remains It’s hard to keep a secret that involves a dancing flash mob—especially when the group is rehearsing...
February 12, 2013

Cold Feet Brings The Blues

While having cold feet prior to a wedding is thought to be normal, new findings show that doubts often foreshadow divorce. “Premarital doubts are...
January 23, 2013

Gold Rush, Take Two

Is California’s Central Coast prepared for a potential fracking boom? It has only been in recent years that drilling techniques have been developed to...
November 3, 2010


New ruling tightens logging regulations by requiring companies to obtain point source permitsThe snake nest of logging roads that curl through the Santa Cruz...
September 1, 2009

Petrel Paradox

A rare sea bird will not be designated endangered The fate of a rare sooty-brown sea bird now hinges on dueling survey techniques.  A...