August 10, 2021

Santa Cruz Movement Brings Inclusive Philosophy of Fitness

After a year’s delay due to Covid, Leela Kalow and Dean Yerushalmy open Midtown studio
secure document shredding


secure document shredding
May 1, 2020

Dispelling the Myth That Cannabis Can Cure COVID-19

Influencers dangerously pushing ‘magical plant’ as remedy
May 1, 2020

The Science Behind Munchies

The “munchies” are very real, but why?
May 1, 2020

Cannabis Company Rides Changes Into Second Decade

Créme De Canna reinvents itself to survive whirlwind market
May 1, 2020

Recreational Rollback

New county regulations allow cannabis delivery but not pickup, and that's regressive, pot proponents say
May 1, 2020

Essential Questions on Cannabis

With legalization, how do we go back to determining what’s a medical use?
May 1, 2020

Sheltering with Green

The local cannabis business is booming right now, but will the good times last?
March 18, 2020

Using Psychedelics As Treatment for Mental Health

Advocates spearheaded the effort to decriminalize naturally-occurring psychedelics
March 4, 2020

Will Cauliflower Make the Leap From Food Trend to Food Staple?

The trendiest vegetable of 2020 is more than just the ghost of broccoli
November 20, 2019

‘Climate Grief’ and Doomsday Support Groups

Anxiety about ecological catastrophe inspires new forms of climate organizing
October 16, 2019

‘Emotional Baggage’ Exhibit Unpacks Childhood Trauma

Santa Cruz doctor Dawn Motyka translates patient stories into found-object art
September 25, 2019

Kindred Herbs’ Guide to Growing Medicinal Herbs

No, not that kind of herb
September 11, 2019

Copper Moon Apothecary Adapts to Changing Climate

Local natural beauty business keeps it crunchy
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