. Electronic Ad Guidelines

If you produce your own ads for Good Times, we have a few suggestions to prevent some common issues from occurring. Following the guidelines below will result in a higher likelihood for optimal printing.

1. If you color correct your own photos or artwork, work in RGB (not CMYK), then convert to CMYK profile.

2. The density of color should not exceed an ink density of 240, i.e. Cyan 75%, Magenta 5%, Yellow 100%, Black 10%. Oversaturation causes newsprint to appear dark, muddy and blurry.

3. Images with a good balance of highlights, midtones and shadows print best.

4. Consider using “unsharp mask” in Photoshop to sharpen the image.

5. Use our printer’s profile settings if possible. We can email them to you upon request.

6. Final file should be a pdf rather than a jpeg. A jpeg is a flattened image that loses resolution. A pdf retains the quality and crispness of the type and image.

7. All black text should be 100% Black, not 4–color Black.

8. Image resolution: 300 dpi, colorspace: CMYK (not RGB).

Download these guidelines [PDF]