.Georgia Perry

April 29, 2015

Mountain Mystic

When Cora Evans died in Boulder Creek in 1957, her thousands of pages of religious writings hadn’t yet been published. More than a half...
March 18, 2015

The Road Goes on Forever

Most people assume that hitchhiking is a long-gone tradition in the 21st century. But in the San Lorenzo Valley, the continued popularity of thumbing...
August 5, 2014

Party Animal

Perhaps one of Burning Man’s strangest success stories, Santa Cruz’s Kris Kaufeldt—aka ‘White Tiger’—has turned his freaky dance moves into cult fame as a...
May 7, 2014

A Long Way from Opportunity

Santa Cruz activists pushing for a sanctuary camp for the homeless have a model in Eugene’s Opportunity Village—but can they find the same success?...
April 30, 2014


Even spoken-word poet Buddy Wakefield gets tired of talking Many Santa Cruzans are at least peripherally familiar with the technique of Vipassana meditation. Those...