.Hugh McCormick

January 24, 2023

Health and Fitness: Palomar Ballroom Dance Lessons Boom

With roughly 17 styles of dance, there’s something for everyone
August 23, 2022

Health and Fitness: Centering on Seniors

The mental and physical challenges of the pandemic are still hitting seniors the hardest
July 19, 2022

Gas Prices Remain Sky High in California

The current $5.82-per-gallon statewide average is hurting gas station proprietors as much as consumers
February 9, 2022

EXCLUSIVE: Longtime Supervisor Greg Caput Won’t Seek Reelection

Now in his early 70s, Santa Cruz County’s 4th District representative is leaving politics to spend more time with his wife and kids.
January 25, 2022

The Fake Fur and Real Benefits of Stuffed-Animal Therapy

Why stuffed animals are not just for kids anymore
August 10, 2021

The Rapidly Shifting World of Pandemic Fitness

Could healthier habits be Covid’s strangest side effect?
June 14, 2021

Santa Cruz Naturals Dispensary Celebrates 10 Years

Santa Cruz Naturals sources over 70% of its products locally
May 14, 2021

Flooring, Home-Remodel Businesses Are Booming in the Pandemic

As more people work from home, they are revamping their living spaces