.John Malkin

May 15, 2024

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Stopping the blame game with nonviolent communication
April 10, 2024

Everyone Should Be Safe

UCSC Crisis Team offers non-police response to mental health crises
April 10, 2024

Chloe Xtina Watching the Watchers

Chloe Xtina will be shooting a new short film in Santa Cruz in mid-May... “Santa Cruz has always been this dark, magical place to me,” Xtina says
March 27, 2024

Omar Sosa Plays Kuumbwa

Omar Sosa is dedicated to making music that promotes worldwide peace. Sosa studied percussion and marimba, later adding piano.
February 21, 2024

Robert Fripp and David Singleton Talk Music

David Singleton is a composer, sound engineer, producer, author and...has “reluctantly managed” the innovative band King Crimson
February 14, 2024

The Rise of Abolish ICE

It's a hard way to grow up, knowing that your family—your whole world—could just crumble at any moment. This feeling always follows you...
November 28, 2023

A Look from Behind Bars

Anthony Michael Jefferson describes himself as a “returned citizen.” The actor, playwright and chef was incarcerated for 23 years in Soledad State Prison for first degree murder and was released in 2015. The Bumpy Road Less Traveled is Jefferson’s powerful one-person play...
October 25, 2023

De-evolution Is Real

DEVO, the band that brought the world “Whip It” and “Freedom of Choice” brings their farewell tour to the Santa Cruz Civic on November 2. John Malkin has an interview