.3 Reasons to Choose Humboldt Cannabis

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While perusing your local dispensary, have you ever asked the budtender who grew the weed? Perhaps not just who, but how and where? If you’re wondering why it matters, consider the clean food movement. For many of us, sourcing organic foods items is an important part of our lifestyle. Supporting locally grown, in-season produce is a cornerstone of the community, and many people look forward to farmer’s markets for this reason. 

Shopping for cannabis should come with the same values. Afterall, it is a crop that we consume in one form or another, and so it makes sense that we would put as much effort into sourcing cannabis as we do our food. For those of us living in or near Santa Cruz, there are no shortage of options for high-quality herb. But we’re here to tell you that Humboldt County produces the finest cannabis in California (if not the world!), and here are three reasons why. 

Why Humboldt Cannabis Reigns Supreme

Humboldt County is synonymous with California cannabis culture. During the Back to the Land Movement in the ‘60s and ‘70s, progressives looking for a new way of life flocked to this region to homestead and live off-grid. Naturally, these pot-loving hippies decided to try their hand at cultivation. As it turns out, it worked out pretty well, and some of these growers still have family farms operating today. Humboldt County remains the epicenter of the highest quality cannabis crops in the nation. 

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Sun-Grown Cannabis Is Higher Quality

Much of the cannabis grown in Humboldt County is full-term sun-grown cannabis. This means that the growers are utilizing only the sun’s rays and the natural life cycle of the plant. There are no artificial lights, greenhouses or light deprivation systems. Instead, the plants are fully exposed to their environment, and their life starts and ends with the natural changes of seasons. 

There is a longstanding debate among growers about which is better—indoor or outdoor weed. Time and again, high-quality sun-grown cannabis produces higher terpene and cannabinoid content. Sure, indoor growers can protect their plants from wind, rain and pests with greater control, but the final product does not reign supreme. Outdoor cannabis is resilient, hardy and has plenty of growth potential from an untapped canopy. All of which produces the effects and benefits we seek from this plant.

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Plus, sun-grown Humboldt cannabis is the more environmentally friendly option because it doesn’t require the use of electricity to power lights, fans, heaters, dehumidifiers and all the other equipment needed for indoor weed. 

“No different than growing vegetables or even wine grapes, the cannabis plant best thrives in an outdoor environment where it can grow to its highest potential based on receiving full sun and taking in the vitality of the land’s terroir. Additionally, growing cannabis outdoors is the most resource-efficient method for growers with minimal impact to the earth.” —Eli Melrod, CEO of Solful dispensary

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Perfect Terroir for Cannabis

The environment of Humboldt County is incredibly unique. Perhaps you’ve heard the word ‘terroir’ mentioned before, likely when discussing wine. Much like a Bordeaux is only a Bordeaux because it was grown in this specific region in France, we can draw a comparison to Humboldt cannabis. 

The terroir in Humboldt County is unlike anywhere else in the world. That’s not to say other similar climates don’t exist, but it’s like this land was designed for growing these plants. The soil, humidity, sunshine, temperature and water work together to create an ideal environment for cannabis to truly thrive. Terroir affects cannabis just like it affects grapes. It cannot be replicated in other places. 

The distinct terpene and cannabinoid profiles grown in Humboldt are outstanding. The flavor of the cannabis is rich and robust, delivering a long-lasting high from the fullness of the entourage effect

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Real People Work With the Plants

Humboldt growers are some of the most dedicated farmers you will ever meet. These are real people with their hands in the soil, nurturing these plants every day. Unlike industrial cannabis grown in warehouses, you cannot just turn on auto water and lighting on a timer. Most of the time, the license holder or owner of the farm is onsite every day making sure the plants are healthy and thriving. 

This is hard work. Building trellis, mixing customized nutrients for feeding, plucking dead leaves and pruning plants so they can focus on bud development. It’s all a labor of love, and the quality of the cannabis is a direct result. 

Humboldt growers work harmoniously with the land to uphold its integrity and preserve the fertile soil for many generations to come. That means adopting organic cultivation applications and focusing on regenerative farming practices. 

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Shop for True Humboldt Cannabis

Plenty of dispensaries carry Humboldt-grown weed, but not many carry it exclusively. One such retailer is Solful, with locations in Sebastopol and Santa Rosa. Supporting Humboldt growers is part of the Solful standard. Solful takes time to visit farms and get to know its potential partners to ensure their values align. Solful prides itself on working with producers in Humboldt to keep dollars in their communities. This extends far beyond just cannabis, as Solful works with local edible, extract and topical producers to stock its shelves in both locations. 

Solful is a prime example of a retailer operating in complete integrity, committed to preserving the legacy of Humboldt cannabis. You can trust that every bud on Solful’s shelves was thoughtfully selected and grown with the utmost care and attention. If you have yet to consider what kind of cannabis you’d like to buy, head to Solful. Its educated, compassionate staff members will work with you to find the best products to suit your needs. 


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