.Virgo—Two Lights are Seen: Risa’s Stars Aug. 28-Sept. 3

We’ve entered Virgo, sign of service (to self first, then others), health, wellness, gardens, devas, and our food systems. Virgo is also the sign of purity, discernment and discrimination, detailed order and organization, and information (Mercury) flowing into our minds.

Virgo is the mother of the plant kingdom, bearing sheaves of corn and wheat, the mother (Demeter) of Persephone soon to enter the underworld (Autumn). Virgo is the pregnant Madonna, the World Mother hiding the Light of the Soul. In Virgo, two “lights” are seen. One waxing, one waning.

The multiple crises in our world today concern the daily needs of humanity. Concerns are the quality of our food, farms, farmers, children, their education, and care of our elders. The Ageless Wisdom tells us to tend to humanity’s daily needs with care, purity, awareness and grace–qualities of Virgo. 

Humanity—this round of humanity—is called the 5th Root Race (“race” means all of humanity). The task is to develop and cultivate our mental faculties and abilities, to become deep thinkers able to research, compare and analyze information (all Virgo tasks) in order to become discerning, and make appropriate life-affirming decisions. We have all month to develop and become sensitive to the Mercury’s call in Virgo. 

Friday is a new moon festival (6.47 degrees Virgo). The meditation theme during new moons is to “strengthen, uphold and support the work of the New Group of World Servers (NGWS), men and women of Goodwill everywhere working for justice, understanding and right relationships.”

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ARIES: You will more fully, over time, be able to accept responsibilities greater than your desires. You will seek to go home (childhood) and find it’s no longer approachable. You learn blame doesn’t fix situations. Eventually, security comes when you create your life from a foundation of understanding and responding to the needs of others. Comfort emerges from defining goals for the new age. A serious endeavor, indeed. You are to initiate the building of the new world.

TAURUS: You’ll be on overload the next two years, tending to the fragile balance of health while gathering information in order to make appropriate decisions that affect the welfare of others. Details are important. However, the larger view is where you must begin. What you are to create (community, food sources, healing, education, etc.) must be considered an adventure. This will help you work with inspiration. Others will then follow.

GEMINI: It’s in your best interest to remain flexible, to be able to change your mind, include others (ask for help) and let go of old limiting ideas and things (possessions, habits) no longer useful. Should you accomplish any of these, you may create a life crisis, which is good. Do not be afraid to investigate new realities. Much is becoming outdated in your world. And this is not attractive for you. What are your soul’s needs? Ask that all that is needed magically appear.

CANCER: These are the rules of life for the coming times. Refrain from impatience, competitiveness, “me-first thinking,” and taking anything personally. Observe if those around you are sensitive, thoughtful, discreet, and work in cooperation with others. It’s good to see through others’ eyes, and work always towards creating community. Find what feeds your hunger and nourishes you.

LEO: It’s most important to be practical in the coming times, to not leave anything up to chance. Create a schedule that includes daily health routines, right foods, times of eating, and exercise. It’s important to cultivate order and organization. This allows the mind to focus with clarity and confidence. You will encounter deadlines and details. New realities and awarenesses occur through dreams. Be sure to care for the smallest aspects in your life. Then the large ones take care of themselves.

VIRGO: Study symbols that provide material for new dreams. Joseph Campbell’s books on symbols are perfect for you. It’s time to no longer act out old dreams. Merge the gap between what you dream for and what truly is. Virgos are above all practical. Begin to express this practicality in daily life. Then a new surge of creativity emerges. You must not rely on others. A great artistic stream lies within. What do you create that is beautiful, harmonious, and real?

LIBRA: Try not to over-manage your life and to relax old standards of achievement and perfection. Whatever you do and achieve is good enough, and that’s better than perfect. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, exposed, insecure, fearful. These are human realities, and they provide needed information about our wounds. Make home and family the most important place on earth. It is your hideaway, refuge, shelter, and sanctuary.

SCORPIO: Are you at times unable to perceive or understand others’ feelings and opinions? Are you experiencing excess nervous energy that interferes with true, real and kind relationships? Are you pressured and hurried and afraid your freedoms will be obstructed? You’ll find that learning to listen deeply to others leads to meaningful and intelligent relationships. Listening is also the secret to having social graces and forming substantial and sustainable social networks. Try.

SAGITTARIUS: You’ve entered a topsy-turvy time in life. Everything’s changed and changing. As you go forward into your new life, remember this: Your value has nothing to do with the values of others, and your needs do not need to be enfolded into the needs of others. Should these occur, you’ll find you attract confusion and intensity in relationships instead of peace and comfort. What are your values? What do you enjoy, and what of your own needs must you realize? Self-worth is being learned here. Be patient with these questions. Ponder them.

CAPRICORN: Slowly and quietly, without fear, you learn to stand alone, relying on instincts, intuition and inner knowings. Slowly and quietly, you’ll learn your wishes, hopes and needs are most important, eventually expressing them to others without restraint or fear of consequences. You are indeed very, very good. A bit of impulsiveness always adds a bit of glamour and glitter to all that goodness. Ponder on the difference between achieving peace in relationships and having inner peace. Interesting thoughts follow.

AQUARIUS: Do you worry often that you do not achieve enough? Do you ever lack trust in yourself and in God? Do you over-analyze any situation until it simply expires out of exhaustion? It’s most important to focus within your heart more. This will develop the soul virtue of compassion toward yourself—and then, later, to others. They, like you, traverse the difficult path of life. A great sense of balance comes from patience, understanding and compassion. Always beginning with the self first.

PISCES: There’s a difference between seeking what we want and seeking what we need. If we drop the wants, needs are met seemingly by magic. You will experience great changes in the coming two years. Everyone will. You have known about them for a long time. You will begin to simply surrender to what is most practical. The outcome turns out to be a most loving and protective state of being. This will be a surprise and a comfort. Invoke courage to help others along the Way. 


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