March 28, 2022

California Law Enforcement Turns to Mental Health Clinicians on Toughest 911 Calls

California law enforcement agencies are embracing new approaches to mental health crisis calls.
November 1, 2021

Child Care in California hasn’t Rebounded; Why Many Workers aren’t Returning

The California workforce is about 10% smaller than it was pre-pandemic
October 21, 2021

Pressure Mounts on UC System to Reach Agreement with Lecturer Workforce, Strikes Loom

The threat of multiple strikes this fall could cancel instruction for a third of undergraduate students attending University of California institutions
March 29, 2021

New Study: California’s Trailblazing Diesel Rules Save Lives

Excess deaths from heart and lung disease linked to diesel pollution dropped by 82%
March 26, 2021

Can’t Afford Bail? State Supreme Court Offers Relief for Some Defendants

Judges must consider a defendant’s ability to pay when setting bail
March 26, 2021

Newsom Picks Rob Bonta as California’s New Attorney General

Bonta developed a record as one of the Assembly’s most liberal members
March 18, 2021

Rising Seas, Worsening Wildfires Endanger California Parks

Managing California’s nearly 300 parks will require a top-to-bottom rethink
March 18, 2021

Small Landlords Left Struggling When Renters Stop Paying

Some landlords wonder how much longer they can absorb the costs