.Damon Orion

March 5, 2014

Switched On

Shpongle’s extraterrestrial electronica brings psychedelic music full circle Four decades ago, Pink Floyd unveiled what was arguably history’s first psychedelic trance song: a synthesizer-driven...
February 5, 2014

Tales of the Vine

How gonzo journalist Rak Razam met his maker in the Peruvian Amazon—and lived to tell about it    In the summer of 2006, an Australian...
March 19, 2013

Dance, Monkee, Dance!

Charting the evolution of The Monkees’ Michael Nesmith Michael Nesmith must have inherited pioneer genes from his mom, who famously invented Liquid Paper (Google...
August 14, 2012

The Man Behind the Kirtan

Krishna Das lets his soft white underbelly show Jim Carrey’s single greatest contribution to humanity is quite possibly his statement, “I think everybody should...