.Micayela Konviser

January 3, 2023

Lucas Morris-Lopez’s Pop-ups Storm the Central Coast

The San Juan Bautista native’s Bar La Afición project has one more run at Apéro Club before the talented chef returns to Mexico City
October 4, 2022

Apple Grower Freddy Menge Shares a Bushel of Knowledge

The return of the annual tasting event at Live Oak Grange will showcase 70 apple varieties
August 23, 2022

Health and Fitness: An Alternative Approach

Katie Chirgotis' Eothen Circle carries an array of wellness items and offers workshops
November 24, 2020

How These Five Groups Are Working to End Homelessness in Santa Cruz

Five Santa Cruz Gives nonprofits making a difference for people who are homeless
July 8, 2015

South County Sharknado

Sightings of great whites in Aptos aren’t killing tourism—they’re doing wonders for it In the movie Jaws, a great white shark...
July 8, 2015

The Only Way is Up

Upcycling makes art out of trash Ever wondered where toilet seats go when they die? If they’re lucky, they go to...
June 23, 2015

Signal and Noise, Shakespeare in the Park? Making Plans for Watsonville, Shoe of Support

Signal and Noise Santa Cruz radio station KUSP-FM, which is on the verge of bankruptcy, got an anonymous $100,000 donation last...
June 10, 2015

Untag Me

Painter Hal Turner spends his own money and time covering graffiti in Aptos When local business owner Hal Turner, 51, was...