.Beware of Rabid Bats

Bats are making news in Santa Cruz this week, and not just because it’s almost Halloween. Animal Services and the Health Department’s Communicable Disease Unit announced Thursday, Oct. 21, that they have encountered two rabid bats in Scotts Valley. Both bats that tested positive for rabies were found in on Arabian Way in Scotts Valley, and officials are warning residents in that area that their pets are risk if they come in contact with bats or other wildlife. “Residents should be aware that rabies exists in the local bat population and should take all precautions to avoid contact with bats,” Supervising Animal Services Field Manager Todd Stosuy said in a press release. “Should you come across a dead or injured bat or a bat that is behaving unusually, do not touch it. Notify Santa Cruz County Animal Services at 831-454-7303 and we will remove it safely.”


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