.Nov. 8, 2022 Election: California Propositions—So Far

Abortion protection law moves forward; casino betting props appear doomed

Proposition 1: Abortion

With early returns beginning to come in, Californians appear to be giving broad support to Proposition 1, which would place into the state Constitution a woman’s right to have an abortion. 

As of 11pm, more than 68% of voters have said yes to the proposition, according to the California Secretary of State. In Santa Cruz County, 81% of voters have so far said yes.

Proposition 26 and Proposition 27: Sports Betting at Indian Casinos

Voters are handing resounding defeats to laws allowing Native American tribes to offer in-person sports betting at their casinos under Proposition 26 and online sports betting under Proposition 27.

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A whopping 70.5% of voters have so far rejected Prop 26, while 84.1% have said no to Prop 27, according to the Secretary of State.

Proposition 28: Money for Arts Education

Voters also appear to support a law that would require the state to set aside 1% of its education budget for arts education—roughly $1 billion—with 63% of voters saying yes. 

Proposition 29: Dialysis Clinics

For the third time, voters seem to be rejecting Proposition 29, which would require dialysis clinics to have a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant during treatment hours. Roughly 70% of voters have so far rejected the law. 

Proposition 30: Tax the Wealthy

This proposition would raise taxes by 1.75% on Californians making $2 million or more to help low-income people purchase zero-emissions vehicles, create charging stations for them and fund wildfire prevention programs. This one is closer, with 57.2% voting no.

Proposition 31: Ban on Flavored Tobacco

Retailers who sell candy-flavored tobacco and similar products could soon see their business curtailed, as 64.7% of voters have so far said yes. 

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