.Chiron Enters Aries—Hearts Remaining Open: Risa’s Stars Feb. 20-26

On Feb. 18, Chiron (a minor planet between Saturn and Uranus) has left Pisces and entered Aries (all things new). Chiron remains in Aries until February of 2027. Chiron was a Greek centaur, a wise, kind and noble one. He was wounded and unable to heal himself.

In our astrology charts, the symbol of Chiron represents our wound, where we may feel broken, inadequate, shamed, and rejected. Chiron, a Greek centaur—half-godlike human, half-horse—was a wise, just and noble healer, astrologer, teacher, doctor, and alchemist. Interestingly, after Chiron was struck by a poisoned arrow, he was unable to cure himself. Thus, the name wounded healer was applied.

Chiron’s symbol in our charts signifies where we hurt the most, and what we seek to heal. It is where we can feel confused, left out, injured. It is our most basic of wounds. Often it is a family wound. And, in our carrying this wound, the hope is that one of us will heal the wound forever. Over lifetimes, we each have this task.

Chiron entering Aries begins a new cycle. Chiron in Aries says, “Let’s take a new look at this wound, become aware of what it is, its origin and source. And find a way to heal it.” Chiron affects everyone, including countries and nations.

Chiron in Aries calls us to be of courage, take action, be pioneers, stand up for ourselves, and create a new story of ourselves. The wound builds in us new awareness of compassion and wisdom. On Chiron’s work we can echo Rumi in saying, “Life continues to break our hearts. ‘Til our hearts are able to remain open.”

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ARIES: It’s a most important time for Aries—perhaps the most significant. A new self-identity is emerging. Like a lotus, with roots deep within the earth, growing into the loveliest of flowers, there is and will be over the next seven years a self-unfolding that can feel both painful and profound. Read Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself” (from Leaves of Grass). It helps identify deeply with the lostness you have felt, and the new lotus of self-appearing.

TAURUS: You may enter into a more poetic and/or artistic way of life.

The poetic life helps to identify the sensitivities we sense and feel. With Chiron in Aries, you realize all that you do for others before tending to the self. You tend to the poor, the ill and the sick with great care and compassion. It is most important to begin to care for the self. Something may be “malingering.” More rest, sunshine, the earth, gardens, and homeopathics are needed.

GEMINI: Call upon friends. They love you. Some friends have fallen away or are no longer available. Reach out anyway. This may prove to be difficult; however, bypass the fear and embarrassment you are feeling. Ask friends to assist you, whether for physical, emotional or psychological needs. Friends want to be asked. Allow them into your “portal” of life, no matter what changes have taken place. Know that, under Venus, you are immortal.

CANCER: It is important, like Taurus, to tend very carefully and listen to the self in terms of what needs to be healed. The messages may be very subtle. Know that there is never any failure on Earth or in heaven. Everything you do is a success. No matter what upbringing you had, no matter the parents’ expectations or yours, everything you’ve done has been a source of light, attainment and accomplishment. You are asked to humbly realize this.

LEO: What are your deepest longings and secret needs? What do you want to learn or teach? What have you never had a chance to achieve? Where do you want to travel? What people and cultures do you seek to meet? What is your religion? What are your goals? Answers to these questions allow for a potent self-healing to come forth. There is also a particular spiritual teaching from a great teacher that resonates with you. Perhaps the Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path?

VIRGO: When we love more, healing takes place and there is no more karma. There are two laws that create unity: 1. The will to good creates goodwill within all that is around us; 2. Our intentions for goodwill create right human relations. These help eliminate criticism that always hurts and harms both the self and others. Virgo, ruled by Mercury, is called to think and speak with kindness at all times. Words heal or they hurt. May all your words heal.

LIBRA: Tend and care for those close to you. Teach them what you know in kind and gentle ways. Allow them to teach you in return. Unconditional love transforms a relationship into something magical. It provides a renaissance and a protection for the relationship. We become more awakened to our responsibility in relationships, more grateful and sensitive to the hurts of those close to us. Blocks and hindrances fall away. Everything, everyone becomes valuable and sacred.

SCORPIO: A healing occurs when you take care of yourself in all ways, purifying all levels–physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It is important to act as mentor for all those who encounter you. Everyone is looking to be taught. Scorpio, with its deep knowledge of both light and dark, can radiate the light of health, morality and ethics into the world. In this time of conflict, chaos and confusion, your light would be a light that purifies the darkness, until the darkness is gone.

SAGITTARIUS: You learn through lovers, love affairs, children, and all that you create. Learning for you is constant, lifelong, over lifetimes. You have many different careers. It looks like one, but there are many facets involved. Do you feel you haven’t succeeded in your ambitions or your creative endeavors? Do you sense you could do better or more? Is there frustration or dissatisfaction? Do you feel somewhat irrelevant? Is there a wound, a suffering or inner agony? Is there an awakening you are still waiting for?

CAPRICORN: Family, tradition, roots. Did you say recently you want to begin (or continue with) the family’s genealogy? Would knowing your ancestors help you feel more relevancy in your life? Are there memories from childhood coming forth? Are you feeling a sense that home is somewhere else? There’s a nine-part series now available on quiltmaking as a form of art, family labor, stories, lineage, purpose, and community. A picture of livingness all stitched together. I think you would like it.

AQUARIUS: There may be a sibling unavailable to you, which brings you a sadness and pain. Is communication an issue with someone? A misunderstanding or radically different point of view. Wanting to be understood may trigger a wound. Know this, and remember it. Everyone is on their own path of development. Everyone is doing their best to understand their lives. And those to whom you belong, they listen and understand you. The rest comes later.

Pisces: The other day, to a friend who couldn’t balance her monetary ins and outs and had no idea how to organize her finances, I said, “Let me help you figure out your finances, balance your accounts, so you know what you have, what you can pay back, what you can save.” Chiron in the second house has to do with finances and values. And Pisces is about helping others. With Chiron in the second, the issue is always about self-worth. Self as valuable. When we rest in this knowledge, there is security and comfort. Chiron teaches us.


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