.Dilated Pupil 2015-2016

DPCOVERweb2015In our last issue of Dilated Pupil, things got kind of … weird. I mean, we interviewed the UCSC banana slug mascot, and he talked about how living on campus helped him to come out as a hermaphrodite—“twice the junk at half the speed” is I believe how he put it.

I’d like to say we’ve come to our senses since then, but, well, there’s an ode to female body hair in here. But—and this is an ever-so-important but—there’s also a lot of useful information in this issue for students across Santa Cruz County, from the top of UCSC’s city on a hill to the Aptos streets of Cabrillo’s city on a much, much smaller hill.

For instance, trying to figure out the bus system in this area can be more complicated than the plot of Interstellar, without our handy guide that lays out where to go and which routes to get there on. We introduce a whole lot of ways to jump right in to all the culture that Santa Cruz has to offer—and that’s quite a bit. And for music lovers, we’ve laid out basically every local resource you could need.

Seriously, what can’t you find using this guide? Beaches, beer, bikes? All here. Fitness, food, hikes, health care? Same. You just take the tests; let Dilated Pupil handle the rest.

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