.Do you have any concerns about cell phones?

LTjamilYes, I’m concerned about the radio waves and how they affect the human body.

Jamil Johnson, Santa Cruz, Courtesy Clerk



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LTcollinIt just sounds like a lot of mumbo jumbo. Cell phones have been around, what, 20 years? And people aren’t dropping off from cancers, so I’m not worried about it.

Colin Campbell, Santa Cruz, Writer





LTmikeI think there is just a lot that still needs to be learned, and I think there are health concerns.

Mike Greenfield, Santa Cruz, Stay-at-Home-Dad

LTscorpioMy concern is that everybody seems to be addicted to them.

Scorpio Stardancer, Sebastopol, Artist

LTSandinoI think it’s ironic that devices made to bring us together often isolate us more in social spaces.

Sandino Gomez, Santa Cruz, Nonprofit Worker


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