.Do you think the Boy Scouts should change their policy and allow gays to join?

lt richardNo they should not. That would be absolutely horrifying to let gay men handle the Boy Scouts.
Richard Wood
Santa Cruz | Mechanic

lt ricky

Yeah, I think they should change their policy. I dont think they should discriminate based on sexuality. And for that matter, they should also change their policy about religion, because they exclude people that don’t believe in God as well. I think it’s a worthwhile organization and they should change their policies to allow all people in.
Ricky Gutierrez
Santa Cruz | Sales

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lt stan
I think it should be up to each individual troop, rather than say that everyone feels the same way … because, maybe the San Francisco troop would be fine with it and Minneapolis might say, ‘We don’t want to have gays.’
Stan Butolph
Soquel | Retired

lt cathy

They absolutely should. You’re learning about the outdoors, you should be focusing on wild animals and safety and not your sexuality.
Cathy Brogoitti
Capitola | Retired

lt david

Yes. Equal rights for all, man. We’re all the same. Let’s share with everybody. That’s the American way.
David Carnaghe
Santa Cruz | Civil Servant


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