.Dylan’s Ballad – Love Song for the End Times: Risa’s Stars April 1-7

Esoteric Astrology as news for the week of April 1, 2020

Bob Dylan (Taurus/Gemini/Sag–enlightened musician/messenger) unexpectedly released a new almost-17-minute ballad, “Murder So Foul”—a tribute to John F. Kennedy (“searching for his soul”) relating not only his death on that November day in 1963, but also bringing us up to our present strange times. The release of Dylan’s song is purposeful, offering us one of the major pieces in the puzzle of world events today. The past has come to the present, prophesizing and revealing itself.  

The song describes the ’60s counterculture and calls to various aspects of our culture with a quiet background of violin, cello and piano. It’s hushed, like a mantra, a chant, spoken/sung in one key, the key of C—the ancient solfeggio frequency, the “love” frequency, the miracle tone, the sound of nature, of natural design, the sound within our DNA. What we need now as a humanity.

Let us look at the numbers.  528 hz – 5+2+8=15; and 1+5=6 (using Pythagorean math). The symbol “6” reflects the “spiraling down from heaven into the wholeness of earth.” The love frequency can be fundamental to broadcasting—bringing forth and manifesting all energy into reality according to the laws of physics. Dylan’s song is rich with allusions and expressive of a great wound humanity has carried since Kennedy’s death.

Dylan, in his usual cutting and mysterious self, describes not only the assassination but our times now. “What’s new pussycat? What’d I say? I said the soul of a nation been torn away / And it’s beginning to go into a slow decay / And that it’s 36 hours past Judgment Day.” Listen to the lyrics. It’s heart wrenching, it’s epic. A love song.

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ARIES: It’s most important to think about goodwill and right relations to replace competitiveness, lack of tact, frustrations, headstrongness and brusque aggressiveness. Have the intentions to bring forth diplomacy. Allow your endeavors and physical activities to create resources that help, assist and serve others. As you make all things new, make them beautiful and harmonious, too—helping others to the “new frontier.”

TAURUS: Your subconscious comes to life, and all your assertive abilities go into hiding. In the deepest parts of yourself, you become courageous and brave. You may remember things from the past that create worry or anxiety. Tend to your body and nervous system with care, choosing foods that calm and lessen inflammation. A spiritual presence enters your life. You may attend or join a church, or begin a serious garden, knowing nature’s body is the body of God.

GEMINI: You need friends to chat and discuss new ideas with. You need new ones or old revolutionary ones that attract the radical informative sociable part of yourself. Many old ways of thinking need to fall away to understand the present critical times. Whatever your goals, it will be new thinking and awakened friends who help you move from here to there. Friends that help you value your special Mercurial Venusian self.

CANCER: You wonder about worldly attainment, how to understand your role during these times. You want to be remembered as a server. The protective shell of Cancer is good for these times. You don’t have to make excuses as to why you’re home so much. Home is your stage, your solace, your place of protection. It’s the place where you are the best you can be. Where you’re impulsive, trusting yourself, and shedding your shell for a moment or two.

LEO: You find yourself setting goals, planning and considering far distant travels. Perhaps not now, but when the world rights itself again. Your interest in philosophy, culture, religion and education can only be done in dreams at this time. This is a good time for personal study, for tending to daily life. When tending to your environment, bringing forth order and organization you feel more in control, optimistic and vitalized. Serve yourself now, Leo.

VIRGO: It would be good to read Joseph Campbell’s Hero with a Thousand Faces during these quiet silent days, unmasking the “invisible man.” And good to look at, study and draw symbols to anchor the new archetypes of the new age. These will energize your life, release the most positive dimensions of your personality and soul. There will be a seeking for redemption and the way toward this will be revealed in dreams.

LIBRA: Although not quite aware of this, you’re quite brave. Others see this and want to be like you. You recognize others’ bravery because bravery and courage also rest within you like two bright shadows. You have a great sense of justice and seek to help those in need. In serving others in this crisis time, be sure to rest more so you don’t lose your way. Home is your safeguard, your sangha, your refuge. Crying is good.

SCORPIO: Here are questions you might ask yourself these days: Where is my service, what is my service and whom can I serve? How is my health, am I tending to my duties with responsibility and care? Do I practice right relations with all my relationships, with all kingdoms? Am I determined and do I hold myself in high regard? Do my words create goodwill and peace in others? Where is the truth and where is it found?

SAGITTARIUS: Most important at this time is your value system, your creativity in helping others, the supreme effort you make to see who is in need.  You can do all these things in between pursuing entertainment, fun, pleasure, well-being and happiness. You can bring fun, playfulness, music and spirituality to others as long as you don’t get impatient. Wear colors that soothe, calm and nurture. Like green. The color of magic.

CAPRICORN: There is a shift or perhaps an acceleration of your foundation and base of operation. Psychological roots, your childhood, how you were nurtured, how you learned to nurture come into focus. You are fiercely protective of your family while actively pursuing creative arts. Great demands are made on families and loved ones these days. Always bring a sense of humor and play to all that you do. It nurtures people. Hold their hands.

AQUARIUS: Aquarius is the server of the zodiac. They step forward when humanity is in need. I heard you are working overtime—serving others even when tired and exhausted. Aquarius is the sign of humanity, and Aquarians love humanity. They have an independence of thought and a need for freedom. You are the light that shines on Earth for others. A light in the darkness until the dark is gone. You aid in the unfolding of the new era of freedom. It’s here now.

PISCES: Like all of humanity now, you will be wondering what is of value to you while simultaneously wondering what to dispose of, give away and generally release much of what was previously considered materially valuable. Many will find ourselves with only a suitcase or two, passport, laptop, phone, nothing else. This is a significant time for humanity seeking to be saved. It’s Pisces who has the key. Go where you are needed. Fear nothing. You know help’s on the way.


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