.Easy Preps Makes Post-Workout Meals Easy

In a move from the gym to the kitchen, entrepreneurial couple Chris Diaz and Andrea Rosas started Easy Preps, a company selling ready-made healthy meals as an alternative to takeout.

The pair, who have both competed in fitness competitions, offer lighter takes on staples like orange chicken, chile con carne or or keto lasagna ($7-9 each). Customers can choose between in-person pick up at gyms including Santa Cruz Power Fitness or weekly home delivery for $5 more.

Q: Where did you come up with the concept for Easy Preps?

ANDREA ROSA: The idea of Easy Preps started a little over a year ago. It was created on an Instagram page, and it was meant for us to share recipe ideas and healthier options for people to follow, fitness tips. But that was it—it was an idea. We left it for a year, and a year later we said, ‘Let’s do it.’

Q: Where do you get meal ideas? 

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ANDREA: Many different ways. The first thought is, ‘What is something I crave when dieting, and how can I change it, how can I modify it, for what my needs are?’

Q: What are your go-to recommendations?

ANDREA: The fiesta bowl is definitely a must-try. It was one of our very first menu items, and it took a lot of work. It has a combination of traditional spices, so the first thing you taste is tacos without the guilt. Also, our Thai noodles. It’s a low-carb, Asian-infused plate.

Q: What is your goal for your customers?

CHRIS DIAZ: We are trying to create a sustainable lifestyle that people can continue to carry on, instead of the 12-week programs that we see on social media, where you diet very hard and you just can’t wait for that 12-week program to end so you can go have your cheat meal. 

Q: How do you order a meal plan?

ANDREA: Go on our website, and it’s very straight forward. You click on a meal, and you have two options: either a 4-oz. or a 6-oz. protein. You have the option of delivering to your door, or you can pick up at a local hub.



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