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We got a huge response to Sven Davis’ last cover story for GT, “Bucket List.” Readers were clearly delighted to have him back in the fold, and this week he returns with his follow-up. It’s the kind of topic ideally suited for Davis’ unique style: how to relate to other people’s kids. Readers are sure to recognize children they know in his descriptions of the different types of mini-we’s, and will likely find his ideas for entertaining them downright useful. More importantly, though, the story continues Davis’ tradition of mixing humor and heart, with himself as the out-of-his-element protagonist. In a typical self-deprecating missive, he emailed me to ask what the story was going to be titled, and when I told him, he responded, “Whew, I thought you’d go with “It Takes a Village Idiot.”

Also this week, Aric Sleeper reports on an environmental quagmire that most locals don’t know about: “Goodyear Gulch.” The story of how one man set about to clean it up—and what happened to that project—is a fascinating one.

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Steve Palopoli | Editor-in-Chief



Beneath the Surface
Re: “How Healthy is Santa Cruz?” (GT, 7/30): It’s interesting that one major health problem of Santa Cruz was hidden again. When I was a kid, my friends and I could play in the San Lorenzo River and at Cowell Beach. We didn’t worry about getting infections, now we have several of the most polluted areas in California along with Capitola and Imperial Beach. Our city keeps hiding this issue and avoiding it, as did this article. Sad state of affairs for locals and tourists. For years, the only thing we hear is that “our city / county officials are concerned about it, and it is a priority.” That’s just a lie and I didn’t see it mentioned in this front-page article on Santa Cruz health. Anyone for a city council/county board of supervisors beach party at Cowell? Have them bring their families!
Alan Souza | Santa Cruz
Check out our recent stories “Tainted Waters” (GT, 7/15), about pollution at Cowell Beach, and “Well, All Right” (GT, 8/6), about contaminants in the Soquel Creek Water District. — Editor

Tiger of the East
Re: “A Tiger’s Tale” (GT, 8/6): If he is a true dancer, or warrior, and makes a few bucks at IT, here’s to him! We was passing through town just now, two years out of a four-year Burning Man run! Me and Grammy (transgender) thoroughly enjoyed yer article about the dancer rising in the West, but I have news for you all: FlySwatterGuy has been doing IT for 13-20 years on Manhattan Island and the East Coast, especially at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, and passed up on Burning Man to redirect myself towards the real global dance capital (Ibiza).
Andrew Coughlan aka FlySwatterGuy | New York City


Re: White Tiger
Not sure what the point of this very long cover story was. Burning Man?  There are way “wilder” stories that have come from there! NorCal festivals? Local boy loves to dance? IMHO not a worthy cover story for GT.
I’ve known Kris since we were 12 years old, and am stoked he’s not conforming to the mold society tells us all we need to fit to. This article is about having the confidence to be yourself. Rock on Kris!
Kyle Thiermann

Re: Take a Breath
Great piece on local yoga luminary Mark Stephens (GT, 8/6). Yoga goes back thousands of years, not just hundreds. It’s really good news that there are yoga teachers and authors such as Stephens whose work makes this ancient tradition more practical for the 21st century.
Kelli White

Letters Policy
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photo contest

REFLECTIONS ON ART Taken on the street at the corner of Church and Pacific.  The exhibit at the Rittenhouse Building is “Significance, Paintings by Juliette Aristides.” Photograph by Lisa Joseph.
Submit to [email protected]. Include information (location, etc.) and your name. Photos may be cropped. Preferably, photos should be 4 inches by 4 inches and minimum 250 dpi.

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Food for Thought
Now celebrating its fifth year, Bread for the Journey provides small grants and seed money to nonprofits that benefit Santa Cruz’s underserved communities. Most grants are less than $1,500, and a handful of the projects have aimed to curb childhood obesity and encourage healthy living. For information on how to apply or donate, contact [email protected] or [email protected].

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Water School
Santa Cruz water customers can see their bills skyrocket into the thousands with hefty fines if they don’t conserve. But lucky for them, there’s a one-time alternative. Anyone hit with big fines has the option of going to water school to waive them. Also, our local water police—well OK, they’re not really cops—have been looking for anyone watering their lawns between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., washing down pavement, or filling hot tubs.


“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.”
— John W. Whitehead


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