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One of the things I love about editing a newspaper in a community with so many talented writers is that we can be an outlet for those writers to completely nerd out on a subject for which they have a truly burning passion. This week, I mean “nerd out” quite literally, as Richard von Busack unleashes his analysis of the state of comic books, and explains why the current comics boom in pop culture usually misses the point of what makes comics great in the first place.

A UCSC graduate who has been writing for Santa Cruz readers for decades, Richard is known to most of you as a movie critic, erudite and analytical. I gotta admit, I get a kick out of feeling the pure, kid-like geek love that pours out of his cover story this week. And yet that same analytical basis and insightfulness that he brings to his film reviews are in full force, and I finished it feeling like no one else could have given me that same understanding of the substance in comics that lies underneath the hype.

Meanwhile, Aaron Carnes gets a more local take on the state of comics from Atlantis Fantasyworld’s Joe Ferrara, whose shop will celebrate 40 years in business next year. Clearly, he knows his stuff, and he made me promise myself to pick up Saga.

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Sad State Of Seals

In the past week, I have seen six stranded seal pups in the short distance between New Brighton and Seacliff state beaches alone. Not all of them were rescued, not all of them made it. This has been an increasingly distressful and sad season for the seal pups, not to mention tourists and residents who have to witness the dying and sick pups. Maybe you could do a feature article and shed some much-needed information on this situation, and what we can do as a community to help? I’m sure the Marine Mammal Rescue Center would appreciate the publicity, they seem overwhelmed and underfunded. Thank you for your time, and your excellent newspaper.

Tammy Winkler, Capitola

Support Students

I was hoping to see some positive support for the protestors in this week’s paper. If anyone out there thinks UCSC, or any of the UC bunch, ever listens to its students, you are dead wrong. The United States is one country where people can freely march against injustices. If some were inconvenienced, too bad. Get over it. As for GT: shame on you for your biased opinion! I think it might be time to beg Greg Archer to come back and get things “real” again.

Gloria Sams, Santa Cruz


Re: Best of Santa Cruz

This issue is great! The best of again wows me. I noted that Dr. Griffin won again, and I, too, owe her so very much. The best of the best.

Sid Greene

Allterra Solar is consistently the best, and not just on paper. As a Santa Cruz County homeowner familiar with the solar process, I can say without reservation that it is no surprise Allterra won the solar category.

Solar Home Owner

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photo contest


NOT SO FREE BIRD The photographer for this week’s photo winner, taken at Black Mouse Disc Golf Course in Felton, reports that the subject agreed to pose for a small fee. Photograph by Mark Schleicher.


good work


Santa Cruz’s Martha Mendoza was part of an Associated Press team that published a report last week about slave fishing in Indonesia. The investigation found that the slave-caught fish can end up in cat food, fine-dining restaurants, and stores like Walmart and Safeway. Mendoza says that food companies have been very cooperative. “Nobody denied what we found,” she told NPR. “Everybody wanted more information.”


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California Senator Bill Monning (D-Carmel) has introduced legislation to improve road safety by strengthening training requirements for commercial drivers. SB 334, which was co-authored by Assemblymember Mark Stone (D-Monterey Bay), comes in response to a tragic crash on Highway 17 last July when the driver of a big rig lost control, crashing into 10 cars and killing 25-year-old Daniel McGuire of Santa Cruz.




“Words and pictures are yin and yang. Married, they produce a progeny more interesting than either parent.” — Dr. Seuss



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