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Even though it’s all about talking, I’ve always thought of TED as a quiet movement. Culture snobs complain that the main TED conference in Vancouver has too much of a tent revival atmosphere, and maybe it does. I’ll never know, or care, because I’ll never go, and neither will 99.9999 percent of people in the world. To the rest of us, a TED discussion is when your best friend offhandedly mentions, “I watched this pretty interesting TED talk online last night when I couldn’t sleep,” and then you talk about it. That’s what TED really is: millions of us being exposed to new ideas at home, alone, usually in the still of the night, and then sharing them with people we think will appreciate them.

TEDx Santa Cruz brings something more tangible to that flow of ideas. It brings exposure specifically to interesting concepts that are being developed right here in Santa Cruz, and gives us all a lot more people to talk with about them. In writing the cover story this week about this year’s event, I realized that the organizers hit upon the perfect theme this year in “radical collaboration.” They themselves are radical collaborators who depend on each other to make this fantastic event happen every year. The audience that will turn up at the Rio for it on April 24 are radical collaborators. We are all radical collaborators in some way, and here’s to the organizers, speakers and attendees of this year’s TEDx Santa Cruz for reminding us why that is so important.


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Thrive Notes

Thrive Natural Medicine is thrilled to have won Best Alternative Health Services in Good Times’ annual poll. However, I’d like to correct a few errors in our editorial write-up.

I, Dr. Juli Mazi, do not own Thrive by myself, I co-own Thrive with Dr. Holly German and Dr. Irene Valencia. The three of us are the heart and soul of Thrive. We don’t employ seven other practitioners, we are a team, a collaborative, a tribe and I’d like to give credit where credit is due. Our other practitioners include acupuncturists, massage therapists, energy workers, a rolfer, marriage and family therapist, and an esthetician. Also, we don’t offer a circadian rhythm diet program, that is simply a handout occasionally given to patients about what time of day to eat certain types of food for optimal energy, mood, metabolism and sleep. However, we do provide top quality nutrition programs, including nutritional IV therapy, and Naturopathic and holistic healthcare for all ages. Thank you for helping us set the record straight.

Dr. Juli Mazi, N.D., Soquel

Summit Theatre

I read your cover story on the Summit and am compelled to mention its great cultural jewel “Theatre in the Mountains,” which has for decades provided the community with outstanding theatrical productions. This summer, opening July 9, the company is presenting “Spamalot”, for which I am serving as music director. Presented in their scenic outdoor amphitheater nestled in the redwoods, the company also provides theatrical opportunities for children and teens year round. For more info, go to www.theatreinthemountains.org.

Arindam Krishna Das, Ben Lomond


Re: “Extended Forecast

Try commercial potable water technology! It is already tried and proven technology!

— Dennis Kerfeld

Consider building a desal plant that can provide about 10 percent of the long-term average daily use. Think of it as an insurance policy so that the pipes will never run dry.

— Bob

Until large-scale solar desalination plants are developed, the current reverse osmosis process is just too expensive to be practical.

—  Jerel Snapp

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SKY’S THE LIMIT Capitola Beach in silhouette. Photograph by Rebekah Jacobson.


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This month is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and one group of Cabrillo students has channeled their healing journey into art: the powerful “Speaking Out” photo essay exhibit is on display at various locations around the campus throughout April. In this month-long effort to honor the struggles of survivors, Cabrillo is also hosting Denim Day, the Clothesline Project, and Chalk It Up.


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The Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History is displaying a new lighted art show on the beach. “Light Waves Beach Theater” features multimedia ocean art in a cave at Seabright Beach. There will be films, live music and a performance lecture that connects to MAH’s current exhibit, “Everybody’s Ocean.” It’s free, 7-10 p.m. on Saturday, April 18. Bring a beach chair. santacruzmah.org for info.



“To be a hero you have to learn to be a deviant—because you’re always going against the conformity of the group.” —   Phil
ip G. Zimbardo



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