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We’ve heard a lot in the last two years about economic recovery in Santa Cruz County, but Watsonville has had the toughest road back. Unemployment peaked there in 2010 at 26 percent, in 2013 it was still at 17.8 percent. That’s what makes Roseann Hernandez’s cover story this week so remarkable—it’s been a long time since the revitalization of downtown was seriously discussed in Watsonville, let alone a priority.

What her story illustrates is that the momentum building to radically reimagine downtown Watsonville is not coming from one person or group, but from several of the city’s power players. And the call to make it happen is not just being heard in the council chambers, but also in the business community and from a new generation of cultural organizations that are helping to re-energize the city. Give the story a read and then judge for yourself: is this a turning point for the future of Watsonville?

Special thanks to Kirby Scudder, whose new poster celebrating Watsonville graces this week’s cover and inside spread. It’s the latest in his series of geographically-themed posters; go to kirbyscudder.com to find out more.

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Fee Assessment

I read the article last week on the parking fees in Santa Cruz. I so agree. My daughter came to visit from out of town and we went to the wharf to eat. When we left, we had to pay outrageous fees to leave. It is now $3 an hour and 20 cents for every 10 minutes after that. Why do I want to go to the wharf and pay that in addition to the dinner and tip? I go shopping in Capitola and Scotts Valley. I also go to movies there. There is no charge to park there. The only time I go downtown is when out-of-area guests come visit.

Thanks, Santa Cruz.

Rowena Fulk, Santa Cruz

Dark Energy

I really appreciated the article written about the police officer [Steve] Clark. I have been waiting for an article like this for some time, something that shows some of the corruption that is disgustingly obvious when attending a city council meeting. After the laws being passed about musicians playing got stricter, I examined more closely how they got these rules passed, and after much investigating I found that the people on city council had formed their own safety committee to write the laws, and then they were the ones who got to vote on it. I don’t really have the energy right now to articulate all the weird things going on I’ve seen, but it is true that Micah [Posner] seemed like the only real person on city council, while Don [Lane] seemed like maybe a half of a person, with the rest being absolute puppets for a really dark energy that is trying to take over Santa Cruz. I’m just really glad there is a media outlet that is shining a light on some of this weird corruption. There is obviously some big money running things, and we haven’t even got to the big developers part in this story.

It makes it seem less scary when I see that people are actually starting to realize what’s going on. Thank you.

Homie G., Santa Cruz

Online Comments

Green zone toll booth

Collecting on green zones around residential areas is a tragedy for those of us who must move our cars around to park near our homes. My house is sandwiched between two green zones that only serve to collect tickets on guests of a student commons. There are no posted restrictions on overnight parking or multiple re-use of green zones. This is a kind of entrapment where signs are missing.  

These green zones remain empty most days, and my parking space in front of the house is contested by employees of businesses. Removing these annoying green zones would cut off the cash that they get from student parking on the street. I don’t expect this collection tactic will end without some protest, like signed petitions. Thanks for your article.

— Kelley

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OH SAY, CANS YOU SEE Our story last week on turning trash into art via upcycling reminded one local of this photo she took at the recycling center on Dimeo Lane. Photograph by Allie Davidson.


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Neighborly Conservation

Santa Cruz’s Ecology Action won a $2.5 million grant to help low-income residents in Santa Clara County save water. The grant targets residents over the hill with an annual household income of less than $48,706, helping them learn about rebates, directing installation of water efficiency hardware and giving in-person technical expertise.


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Surf Through Time

On Sunday, Santa Cruz can see what it was like 130 years ago when the first surfers hit our beach on 200-pound, 17-foot-long redwood boards. There will be a demo of the boards on Main Beach from 8-10 a.m., followed by a paddle-out at 11 and a luau at Abbott Square from 1-4 p.m, all put on by the Museum of Art & History.




It may be said with a degree of assurance that not everything that meets the eye is as it appears.” — Rod Serling


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