.Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Good Times Santa Cruz Holiday Gift Guide 2017 coverHoliday gift giving is all about good feelings, but this just might be the most feel-good edition of the GT Holiday Gift Guide ever.

I’m serious, it’s like a John Cougar Mellencamp anthem kind of feel-good. It’s like a Tandy Beal Nutcracker kind of feel-good. There are so many gifts in here that support something meaningful, or help people improve themselves, or bring comfort to others in some way. Is there even one truly silly gift in here—and do not even say the Justin Trudeau Scented Candle, because for some of us, that’s very, very spiritual. OK, yeah, there are quite a few fun gifts, too, as there should be—a surprising number of people mention to me that they use the Holiday Gift Guide to help with their shopping list, and for some reason they most often mention the weirdest gifts we’ve featured. But I can’t help but think there’s something in the air right now about giving in a deeper way, and being a part of that in some way is the gift I hope we can give this year.



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