.Home & Garden Magazine 2019

Surprise! It’s a whole Home & Garden issue full of surprises.

Starting with how surprised Georgia Johnson was to discover the benefits of upside-down gardening. I think she even pitched the story to me as something like, “a chronicle of my attempt and failure to grow tomatoes upside down.” You can read in the story her growing astonishment at the fact that her experiment is not failing as she keeps a diary of her grow. It’s a fun read, and there’s a lot to learn in there about the power of readjusting our perspectives.

Another surprise success came when Chris and Paige Curtis started using old wood piled in their backyard. Their early experiments with repurposing wood led to their business Alibi Interiors, which eventually led to national exposure on the Today show. How they’ve managed their success and stayed true to their aesthetic mission is a fascinating story.

If you’re in the know as a Santa Cruz County gardener, you may not be surprised to read about Ortega Nursery, but I certainly was. If you didn’t know about this little slice of plant paradise before, you’ll definitely want to check it out by the time you’re done reading Lauren Hepler’s story.

There are a lot of other surprises in store for you in this issue. May they serve you well this year in your home and garden adventures!

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