.If you could have personally witnessed one event in history, what would you have wanted to see?

Localtalk_dougEI would have liked to have been on the  moon with Neil Armstrong. Being able to see Earth from space, what more can you say?
Doug Engfer
Santa Cruz | CEO




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Localtalk_omarEI would say the construction of the pyramids because they’re kind of unexplained; and to actually figure how they were made and to watch it would be absolutely amazing.
Omar Etcheverry
Santa Cruz | Sales Rep





Localtalk_SarahDI believe I would have liked to see Rosa Parks say ‘hell no, I will not go to the back of the bus.’
Sarah Dempster
Santa Cruz | Bartender






Localtalk_HelenCI would have loved to have seen Napoleon Bonaparte coming into Paris.
Helen Calderon
San Francisco | Retired


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