.Inscribed in the Book of Life

Mercury enters Libra this week. Mercury signifies our thoughts, communications and ideas. Libra is the sign of Right Relations. Mercury in Libra calls us to have Goodwill, Right Relations and Right Speech, recognizing that everyone is on different developmental levels. Then we can come from the heart, which is all that matters.

Monday is Columbus Day, which has become a “politically correct issue.” What does Columbus Day celebrate? Expansion of Europe’s knowledge of the world, discovery of a new world across the ocean. A brave young man with three ships “discovers” the world is larger than Europe. In some esoteric texts, Master Saint Germaine is considered an incarnation of Christopher Columbus, born in Genoa, Italy, 1451–1506 A.D., later settling in Portugal, and landing in America in 1492 during the first of four voyages to the New World sponsored by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain. His voyages expanded all world views.

Wednesday, Oct. 12, is Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement, most solemn festival in the Jewish year), festival of Judgment and Remembrance. Yom Kippur ends 10 days of repentance begun at Rosh Hashanah when God “opened” the Books of Judgment and Creation, observing humanity for acts of goodness, kindness, forgiveness and service. Judgment has been “pending” these 10 days when prayers, forgiveness and service were required. Then on Yom Kippur (Saturday), our fate is decided, the judgment “sealed” (by G-d and the Heavenly Court).

However, the verdict is not finalized. We are given another chance. G-d offers us Divine Mercy through the Festival of Sukkot (explained next week).

May everyone be inscribed by G-d in the Creation Book of Life. Let us prepare plates of apples and honey, pomegranates and wine, sharing with family and friends, wishing everyone an upcoming “sweet year”.

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ARIES: A sort of Libra tension seems to descend upon you. Maintain awareness and do not ignore this pressure or become impatient. Tension is to be used for creative purposes. Should conflicts arise with close relationships, be more cooperative, use intentional Goodwill, choose to love more. Love is a choice. The unusual may appear. You will be tested in maintaining balance.

TAURUS: Each day you tell us you’re working on the mountain of tasks set before you. You suspend all pleasure and focus on each day’s labor, some of which is surprising, for each day contains unexpected and unforeseen challenges. Tend to your health carefully, resisting any foods, drinks, people and/or events that lower or imbalance your immune system (like sugar). Rest in the afternoons.

GEMINI: Your behavior tells us that you’ve become a Leo, expressing yourself with an “I am” focus, wanting to make self-proclamations and needing recognition. Self-denial, discipline, and setting aside gratifications are not strengths at this time. Invite others to enter your state of new self-awareness. You need lots of amusement, enjoyment, games and fun. Some Geminis will marry. Some won’t.

CANCER: Are there many thoughts about or activities with family? Are you considering relocation? Or redoing your home? Are you accomplishing great tasks around the house? Something about home and family is developing and expanding. To neutralize any possible conflicts, begin to agree with everyone. Or just listen. If living with parents, you’ll need freedom soon. Redirect any irritability toward being thankful. It works.

LEO: Many new and expansive thoughts and ideas are appearing. Share all ideas with those who listen well. Don’t keep them to yourself. Observe how others respond. Do they listen and ask questions or refer your ideas to themselves? Many are learning how to listen. The ability to listen only occurs when we are aware, awake and observant. Each day’s pulsating beat and rhythm will be felt. You work to nurture everything.

VIRGO: Money is a neutral energy. It helps us have what we need and want. It allows us to choose, to have possessions, make purchases, have beauty, and nurture body and spirit. When used wisely, money helps us to share, helps others in need and accomplishes goals. Money is made out of the mineral and plant kingdoms. We thank them. And we thank you, too, for all that you share and give now and in the future.

LIBRA: Be aware that your energy is very expanded, bright, impressive and active. Lack of sensitivity to this can create relationship difficulties. Not inclined at this time to bend to others’ needs, it’s best to work alone, allowing for freedom and independence. Be extra careful with health. You could overwork and be unaware of your body’s requirements. A new more loving self-identity is forming. Pay attention to the signs.

SCORPIO: Allow all difficult experiences to simply pass you by. Often others act with unconscious patterning, undermining your intentions. You could feel frustration and irritation. To ease this situation, work a bit in solitude and consider everything you do as service to the world. Then all experiences benefit your well-being. Have intentions for Goodwill, even in times of difficulty. Go to church (or synagogue).

SAGITTARIUS: Your thoughts are toward the future, a focus on hopes, wishes and dreams, and your next level of work in the world. You want to do what summons your potential. Don’t be too solitary. Although you’re quite independent, there’s a need for balance by interacting with those you trust and have fun with. Coordinate your needs with the needs of others. Saturn’s in your first house. You may need more rest.

CAPRICORN: Mars has entered Capricorn. This gives you much-needed energy, more each day. However, you could burn out easily, too. Careful of hurting yourself. Careful not to bump your head. You may be Identifying goals and ambitions, trying to work hard and independently, with initiative and great effort. Carefully and subtly, with your Soul star, align your interests with everyone around you and help will appear. And rest more.

AQUARIUS: Tend carefully to money. You may not know where it is or be afraid of losing it. Know that you need not hope others agree with your thinking. They already do. Unusual events and people come into your life, creating within you freer points of view. Assess them. What you believe in now frames your future. You find your energies turning inward. Life changes us from within.

Pisces: You can barely maintain the shadows of the old ways of living. You want new values, a revolution, to occur in your life and a new path taken in relationships. Assess your use of personal resources. Perhaps you need to untangle yourself from something or someone. Faraway places are on your mind. You’re doing a good job, Pisces. You pray each day for miracles and a new home to appear. You’re doing your work.



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