.Jacob Pierce Thinks He’d ‘Be Good at That’ Comedy Stuff

“So you’re writing the promo for your own show?” the comic DNA asks me quizzically, as we sit down to chat.

Right off the bat with the tough questions, DNA. But yes, actually—this story about my upcoming performance is the day’s assignment.

The comedic event “I Think I’d Be Good at That,” which has been a big hit around the greater Bay Area, returns to DNA’s Comedy Lab this Friday night. The basic concept is that five seasoned comics come together to put together a showcase. In addition to performing, each comedian gets to play the role of comedy coach beforehand, teaching the art of stand-up to a total newbie. That wannabe comic headlines the event and closes out the night’s show.

Last year, the Lab hosted a version of this event, headlined by Chip—the then-outgoing, one-name director of the Downtown Association—as he prepared to leave town for Colorado. This time around, I—Good Times News Editor Jacob Pierce—will be the main event, as I try out this whole stand-up thing. (Truth be told, I actually got a couple laughs doing two quick comedy open mics hosted by DNA many years ago, which I think should technically disqualify me from participating. But if you don’t tell anyone, I won’t either.)

“I love it because it’s non-elitist,” DNA says of the format. “The idea is that anyone can do this, given the proper tutoring and a natural sense of humor.”

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What’s of more importance (to me, anyway) is that “I Think I’d Be Good at That” founder Drew Harmon says that, out of 41 incarnations of the event, only once has the newcomer totally bombed onstage. “It’s been really fun to see that all the new people do well, as long as they follow our guidelines,” Harmon says. “Most people click into the comic mindset.”

“I Think I’d Be Good at That,” with Jacob Pierce, will be at 7pm on Friday, March 6 at DNA’s Comedy Lab. Tickets are $15-$20 in advance and $20-$25 at the door.


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