.Joshua Lowe and The Juncos

lylb joshualoweThere is no misunderstanding just how important music is to Joshua Lowe.

“I’ll love my child and wife until I die, and I will play music,” says Lowe, who sings and plays the guitar and banjo in his band, Joshua Lowe and the Juncos. “Those are pretty much the only concrete truths in my life.”

His passion shines through in his music, and for fans who have been waiting for the band’s next project—their debut album, At the Feet of Old Bristlecone, came out in 2010, and 2011’s Live at the Kuumbwa is their most recent release—there is good news: more of the band’s rich, acoustic, old-time folk and Americana is on its way.

“We have an album with some new players, and we’re really excited about it,” Lowe says of the record, which will be called Is the Moon Shining Still? “I’ve been saying we’ll release it in March, so hopefully we will.”

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Having new players on the album has not proved problematic for Lowe, as his live shows frequently use a variety of lineups, depending on who is available. In fact he prefers to do things this way because it excites him and keeps him on his toes, creatively. Lowe also knows that having a varied lineup—this show, for example, will include lap steel guitar luminary Patti Maxine—creates unique performances that will keep audiences from getting the same thing twice. This helps him keep his focus on playing the music and having fun.

“I was joking with a friend that we’re not professionals; we play the farm league, like the baseball metaphor,” says Lowe. “I’m totally cool with that. I’m happy to get out there, put on the uniform, swing the bat around. That’s why I do it. When I’m in that place, connecting with the audience and feeling gratitude, I have way more fun.”

INFO: 9 p.m. Friday, November 21. Crepe Place, 1134 Soquel Avenue, Santa Cruz. $10. 429-6994.


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