.Jupiter – Kindness, Goodness and Benevolence

On Oct. 10, after a year in Libra, Jupiter (favorite planet of Sagittarius and Aquarius) entered the transforming and testing sign of Scorpio. Jupiter, in each sign for about a year, remains in Scorpio till Nov. 10, 2018. Jupiter is the sign of beneficence, fusion and expansion of everything—sometimes too much. Jupiter increases knowledge (Sag), our sense of community (Aquarius), sense of self (Leo), generosity and our understanding. Jupiter has many tasks.

Jupiter, like Venus, blends and fuses dualities, hearts and minds, love and wisdom. On its highest level, it externalizes the Love of God—which, when recognized through us, creates harmony and abundance. Jupiter is the Lord of Wisdom in Sag, the Lord of Humanity in Aquarius and the Lord of Love in Pisces.

Long ago, before Neptune was located in the sky, Jupiter ruled Pisces. In the incoming Aquarian Age, Jupiter offers humanity the blessings, truth, freedom and imagination needed for humanity to build and create together the new culture and civilization, cooperatively. Jupiter, with Uranus, brings forth new patterns, rhythms, rituals, and the new world religion, based on astrology and the Ageless Wisdom teachings. Jupiter evokes the Goodwill that creates the Law of Right Human Relations and the peace humanity seeks.  

ARIES: All of your fiery, red, impulsive, life-giving energies are used in everyday living, whether in the world or at home, when tending to children, elders, animals, the garden or working on one’s health and well-being. Although the energy may be strong, your health may be somewhat compromised at this time due to inflammation. Curcumin helps, along with golden milk at night before sleep. Careful, you may have very little patience.

TAURUS: You can be somewhat reticent and inward. However, now is the time for fun and play and recreation and expressing yourself. It’s time for artful things, too. Consider the idea that everything is art. The Balinese say “we have no art,” because their daily living is dedicated to artful living at all times. “All of life is art,” they say. Taurus is the sign of teaching humanity the art of living. Have you seen the book If It’s Not Funny, It’s Art, by comedian Demetri Martin?

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GEMINI: In our adult years we have the liberty, energy, vitality and freedom to re-create our lives. Through willingness, we can release anger or resentment harbored against parents. We have the adult ability to create security, safety, beauty and a new family. We can shift the learned moodiness to more forgiving feelings like nurturance, tenderness and giving. We can make our adult home into an ashram and temple.

CANCER: It is important now to express yourself in ways that others know you are thinking kindly of them. It’s also good to take short trips to nearby places you haven’t been before. You might consider writing siblings and close friends. Use paper and pen, envelopes and stamps—the old-fashioned way to make contact. Whatever you do, show interest in others, listen thoughtfully and with care. And don’t worry anymore.

LEO: Finances are important now, along with bill paying, insurance, and the care and tending to all resources. How you care for and use finances and resources shows how you value them. We are often tested as to the right use of matter—that means how we tend to all that is around us. Tithe from the heart to those in need. Rearrange and vitalize your environment, clean and organize the yard and plant a fall garden.

VIRGO: A new self-identity has been developing within you for the last year. It allows you to have a new sense of leadership, extra drive, and a feeling that you do indeed have the ability to create original projects and bring change into your life. It’s important to be factual and detailed when speaking, to remain poised at all times and see the good in others always. Allow no discontent to shadow your days or nights.

LIBRA: It’s important to be around art, architecture, museums, dance, color, shapes, symbols, artists and artful people. A triangle of artful things. Art (all forms) impact each of us, but especially Libra and Pisces. Art helps develop our original self; it purifies our emotions and cultivates soul faculties. Art lights up the “lamp” within us, the Divine Light that recognizes beauty. Art uplifts and awakens us.

SCORPIO: Social contacts are essential now, for through them opportunities emerge. Maintain close alliances with friends and groups. Offer them more than you receive. This ensures important needs are met later on. Join community projects wherever you are. Get out and about, speak of your hopes, wishes and dreams. Not symbolically, but with real words, real feelings. Being authentic protects you at all times.

SAGITTARIUS: You are becoming an authority, one who has honor and status, quite like a father figure. With this comes social responsibility with one’s career and profession. We each have a specific task to complete in every incarnation. We are successful in our task when we unfold, along with our talents and gifts, the willingness to love along the way. You have worked long in creating great intelligence. At some point, you will be called to teach. Let yourself be prepared.

CAPRICORN: Perhaps you’re thinking of expanding yourself through a particular study, religion or philosophy. Perhaps you’re reflecting upon relatives or people far away, or even long journeys somewhere. Maybe you’re waiting for news of something, or creating long-range goals, considering different ideas and plans, listening to others’ views. Perhaps you’re on a white horse riding over meadows, hill and dale, bow and arrows in hand, eyes on the mountaintop ahead.

AQUARIUS: You may feel it’s a time of deep change, shifts and adjustments. It’s actually a time of regeneration, a rebuilding of talents and abilities, a time of assessing your resources and conserving them for a later time. Use all of your talents, be thrifty and always be kind. There is a transformation of personal desires and wishes, a transformation of resources, too. It seems the spirit of Goodwill is calling you in many subtle ways. Will you respond?

PISCES: “Let choice be made” is the Libra keynote when we are building our personality. Pisces at this time is being tested in their choices and how they are functioning in relationships. There may be consistent tension, perhaps even a battle playing itself out in everyday life. One is being tested to bring forth Right Relations with the other, and to cultivate the proper use of love. How does one do this? By aligning with the Will-to-Good.  



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