.KUSP Files for Bankruptcy

KUSP, the community radio station that recently stopped broadcasting, has now filed for bankruptcy.
“It’s really a shame. I wish it could have been different,” Board Secretary Cathie Royer says of the debt-ridden roller coaster ride of the beloved station. “It’s really tough to summarize.”
Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the route the board chose, will force the station to liquidate its assets. Perhaps, some board members have suggested, things could have been different if the station had had more time—or leaders had begun their overhaul and last-ditch fundraising efforts sooner.
Royer says the board plans to post a Frequently Asked Questions page on KUSP.org this week.


The city of Santa Cruz is gearing up for a big shebang to celebrate 150 years of our quirky town by the sea.
The festivities, which run from Sept. 1 through Oct. 1, include a public art tour, an exploration of the wharf and a beach party.
The celebration kicks off at 4 p.m. on Sept. 1 with a time capsule sealing at Santa Cruz City Hall. The city manager’s office is looking for ideas to include in the historical vault, which will be opened in 100 years. Submissions are due by Wednesday, Sept. 24. Here is GT’s list of suggestions, which we turned in this week:
-Robert Norse’s teddy bear
-Blueprints of desal plant
-Jill Stein 2016 pin
-Receipt for a Five Guys burger
-Eviction notice for unpaid sky-high rent
-Pamphlet on freeganism
-Pre-legalization nugget from the “medicinal” pot era
-Micah Posner’s soft ear hairs
-CD recording of Richelle Noroyan yelling
-Instructions on how to listen to a CD
-Great Morgani costume
-Keys to a drive-it-yourself automobile
-T-shirt that says “This was supposed to be the future. Where is my jetpack?”
-Bag of syringes
-Mike Rotkin
-This issue of GT
Submit your suggestions for the time capsule at www.cityofsantacruz.com/150anniversary. Or leave your ideas in the comments of the online version of this story, and we’ll submit them for you.


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