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Re: “South Sides” (GT, 5/11): I was happy to read the interview of the two serious candidates for county supervisor in South County. I have known both Jimmy and Felipe for years. I am friends with both of them. As an elected trustee, like Felipe, of the Cabrillo Board of Trustees, and a neighbor of Jimmy, it is has been my pleasure to know both of them. What shocks me is the apparent decision of Ed Acosta to file to run for this office. Acosta misses meetings for the Santa Cruz County Board of Education without explanation. He filed at the last minute for this job.

I ask: why? You clearly don’t want to talk about issues or talk to the press. The voters should ignore his candidacy, as he seems to ignore them as well. As an elected official, we are responsible for talking to the press, answering questions about our views on issues, and showing leadership regarding south county. That is why I support Jimmy Dutra. As a proud lifelong progressive Democrat, I have seen Jimmy do just that. While I am delighted to have Felipe Hernandez as my colleague on the Cabrillo Board of Trustees, I have not seen that leadership. I, too, ran on a platform of progressive change. I want to see change—not only changing the name of the college from a despised, genocidal human trafficker and cancel culture cabron, but also change in the county.

Twelve years of Caput is 12 too many. We need a supervisor who will not be shy to assert the importance of South County to the economy of the entire county. We need to recognize we need our farmland, work to get farmers to stop spraying and go organic. Jimmy’s father was a longtime farmer in our area. Jimmy knows more about agriculture than any other potential supervisor. He recognizes the importance of building low-cost housing within our six square miles. I am happy to work with Felipe on the board. I am proud that Felipe has worked hard to improve his health. I want him to be around for a long time to come, whatever office he holds. As for Jimmy, he will lead South County in a new direction. That is, let us stop being the unwanted stepchild of Santa Cruz County. Let us get the state and federal share of money that we deserve. Jimmy will do that. I ask my south county neighbors to vote for Jimmy Dutra as our next county supervisor.

Steve Trujillo


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