.Letter to the Editor: We’re Not Keeping Up

Re: Green Issue (GT, 7/7): More evidence of Santa Cruz not keeping up: So you know how those blue and white padded plastic envelopes that Amazon uses have recycling symbols and a website address on them? Well, I went to the website and entered my zip code only to find that the nearest store with a bin to recycle those and plastic bags, cling wrap, etc. is in Watsonville at the Nob Hill store. All the rest are over the hill. Not only does our local recycling not give us compost bins to recycle our kitchen waste, but it also has narrow restrictions on what it actually recycles. Reducing our carbon footprint is essential, but our county is not keeping up. I occasionally have to buy online because our local retailers have removed variety from their shelves, opting for only those items that sell quickly and/or are corporate-generated. I would like to conscientiously dispose of the packaging, and I wonder why Santa Cruz is not providing the means to do so.

A. Ray

Santa Cruz

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